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My key ingredient: oranges

Chef Izu Ani, from Izu Brasserie & Bakery at Dubai’s City Walk shares his recipe for using oranges


Chef Izu Ani, from Izu Brasserie & Bakery at Dubai’s City Walk, says: “During the festive season, my favourite ingredient to cook with is orange.” And he is not alone. With their amazing scent, oranges have long been used by inventive chefs. Healthwise, the fruit’s high vitamin C content is another added bonus. As Ani adds:

“I like how it’s so versatile, and how it can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. A favourite that we have on the menu at the moment is sea bass with orange. It’s an easy recipe to make and is just so tasty.”

Sea bass with orange and fennel salad

Ingredients and method for tomato compote

150g tomato

20g onion

3g garlic

30ml olive oil

5g sugar

8g salt

2g pepper

Blanch the tomato in a pan of hot water, and remove the skin and the seeds.

Put the remaining ingredients together in a pot and bring to the boil over low heat.

When the ingredients attain a paste-like consistency, remove the compote from the pan and keep aside to be served alongside the sea bass.

Sea bass with orange and fennel salad.
Sea bass with orange and fennel salad.

Ingredients and method for the sea bass and salad

600g sea bass

240g fennel, sliced

80g rocket leaves

20g chives

80g orange segments

8g salt

12g pepper

120ml lemon juice

80ml olive oil

150g tomato compote

Grill the sea bass.

In a separate dish, mix the fennel with rocket leaves, chives, orange segments, salt and pepper, and dress with lemon and olive oil.

Serve the fennel and orange salad with the tomato compote on top of the sea bass and finish with a drizzle of olive oil.


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