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My key ingredient: lobster

Park Hyatt Dubai executive chef Daniele Gialluisi teaches us how to create an exquisite seafood dish with lobster


Daniele Gialluisi, executive chef, Park Hyatt Dubai, says: β€œThe key ingredient for the perfect lobster roll is no surprise – good lobster. Lobster meat has a distinctive sweet taste that complements most savoury flavours, including that of the buttery brioche described here. Our lobsters are shipped from Cape Cod, a region synonymous with exquisite seafood. This ensures we maintain the authenticity of flavours at our New England-inspired restaurant Noèpe.”

Lobster brioche

Ingredients for the brioche

500g flour

4 eggs

150g butter

5g yeast

5g salt

15g sugar

Method for the brioche

Mix all ingredients, except salt and butter. Add the salt to the mix, and mix on high speed. While maintaining the speed, add the soft butter (unmelted). Make sure the mix is smooth, and keep it in a bowl for one hour at room temperature, and then three hours in the chiller.

After that, take a portion and shape into a long roll. Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

Ingredients for the filling

60g lobster meat (one lobster without shell)

Mayonnaise mixed with paprika, chili powder, salt and pepper, as per taste

Lemon and lime zest, as per taste

Clarified butter, as per taste

Chives, as per taste

Method for the filling

Lightly sautée the lobster meat with the clarified butter on a pan. Straight after, toast the brioche on a pan with butter. Cut the brioche in half, as if it were a hot dog bun. Spread the mayo inside the brioche, fill it with the lobster meat, and finish with lemon and lime zest, and chives.

Serving suggestion

Serve with extra mayo on the side, and chips.

Lobster brioche.
Lobster brioche.


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