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Kari Heron and Lij Heron: Chef and Steward

Food bloggers Kari Heron and Lij Heron's profile.

Name: Kari Heron and Lij Heron (questions answered by professional photographer Kari, her husband Lij is the chef)

Blog: Chef and Steward

Camera: “I use a Nikon D800 as my primary camera and a Nikon D700 as my back-up, because anything can happen.”

Dream kit: “I pretty much have it, but it took some time to acquire them because professional photography gear is rather expensive.  In addition to the cameras and lenses, I have sound equipment for video recordings, a Manfrotto tripod, Lowel lights, and lots and lots of props.”

Time spent on average blog post: “It really depends on what I am going for. I now plan shoots before executing them, right down to props so it cuts down unnecessary frames and time.”

Views on taking photos in restaurants: “I think flash photography outside of the red carpet or press and PR events is annoying. When I shoot in a restaurant during service hours, I shoot with ambient or available light and do it inconspicuously without pomp and pageantry and pick a table in the corner. Shooting in low light requires a good professional grade camera and fast lenses that let in a lot of light.”