x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

It'Sugar pays sweet, sweet homage to UAE icons

Emily Shardlow gets the facts behind It'Sugar's edible creations.

At the back of the It'Sugar store in Mall of the Emirates, there is a large camel - not quite life size, but not far off - dripping with candy sweets. Its hoofs are covered with giant cola bottles, and strings of sweeties masquerading as reins hang around its neck.

At the front of the room, there's a model of the Burj Khalifa (definitely not life-size at 2.5 metres tall), all silvery blue and shimmery, thanks to five kilos of blue raspberries. On the opposite side stands a miniature Burj Al Arab festooned with marshmallows.

The project was created by It'Sugar as a means of celebrating the UAE and some of the country's most iconic images.

Cristina Pascu, the vision merchandiser for Majid Al Futtaim Fashion, is the woman responsible for these statues. She has worked on the assembly part of this project for more than a month and says each individual statue took around a week to complete.

Pascu begins by building the framework for the models in her studio. She then searches It'Sugar for the perfect sweets to decorate them and uses silicone glue to secure them. Alas, this means that customers won't be able to take a bite into either Burj, but you will be able to admire all the models in store from now until the beginning of April.

It'Sugar, (opposite VOX Cinemas) is located in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai