Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 16 December 2018

Dubai's Pierchic introduces the world's poshest fish and chips

The dish is made with turbot fish and Maris Piper potatoes

Fish and chips for Dh270? Courtesy Pierchic
Fish and chips for Dh270? Courtesy Pierchic

You don’t get any more British than fish and chips, but what would any Brit worth their salt and vinegar say if you offered them a serving that cost £57 (Dh270)?

Pierchic restaurant in Dubai has announced the addition to its menu, but instead of cod or haddock, they are using turbot. The fish is found primarily in European waters and is considered something of a delicacy. It was highly prized in Roman times, and is described as having a delicate flavour that errs on the sweet side. It has a high gelatin content and its flesh is remarkably white, even after it's been cooked. The potatoes used for the chips are Maris Piper, which are considered to be Britain’s favourite potatoes. They have a high dry matter content, making them ideal for chips.

So, batter up the prized turbot, fry it and serve it with a side of Maris Piper potato chips and there we have it: what could well be the world’s poshest fish and chips.


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