Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 18 July 2018

Attic Supper Club at: Barfly by Buddha Bar, Venetian Village at Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi

Barfly's supper club is a new concept for the establishment at Venetian Village. Courtesy Barfly
Barfly's supper club is a new concept for the establishment at Venetian Village. Courtesy Barfly

The location

The Supper Club is nestled upstairs in Barfly by Buddha Bar’s self-proclaimed Attic area, which has much more of a nightclub vibe than the main bar/restaurant area on the ground floor. There’s a decent-sized dance-floor, which provides ample room for the main visual draw of the night: a sparks-shooting girl wielding an angle grinder, an energetic hula-hooper and, surreally, somebody wandering around dressed as a giant panda.

The atmosphere

Don’t be fooled by any inference of a quiet evening bite: this is a good-times Thursday night party. We attended on the opening night, and assumed that the aforementioned eye-popping entertainment was just for the first running. But we’re reliably informed that you will be able to see similar madness at subsequent Supper Clubs.

The food

Far from an afterthought. Waiters and waitresses ferry out a regular supply of what Barfly dubs “endless signature bites”, although there is a time limit of four hours, so the first word of that description might not quite stand up in court. More or less everything satisfies the stomach, without trying to reinvent the wheel. The picks are mixed satay, maki rolls and Peking duck rolls (misspelt on the menu as “Pecking duck roll”, although there are thankfully no attacking beaks involved). The most unusual bite – crudo pizza tonno (roughly speaking, a crusty mini-pizza topped with tuna sashimi) – involves an mouth-acclimatisation period of a few slices, but it’s not at all unpleasant.

Who’s it best for?

Party people who haven’t had time to make dinner before hitting the tiles – and those who prefer something more arresting to watch than a DJ during their bar/club-based evening.

The verdict

Offering something a little bit different for the capital, the Attic Supper Club aims high but generally hits the target.

The National was a guest of the restaurant.

• Thursdays, 9pm to 1am. Dh195. Barfly by Buddha Bar, Venetian Village within Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal. Reservations 02 404 1951