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Float your way through a facial and body treatment

The Aesthetic Skincare Centre in Abu Dhabi offers a unique, instant-waterbed type experience, billed as "dry flotation."

The dry flotation bed. Courtesy Aesthetic Skin Care Centre
The dry flotation bed. Courtesy Aesthetic Skin Care Centre

The Aesthetic Skincare Centre in Abu Dhabi has a secret weapon, and it’s not Botox or a host of other treatments (although it has those, too).

Instead, it’s a nifty little contraption that I named the “insta-waterbed”, although it’s really called “dry flotation”. I came across it while sampling one of the spa’s relaxing, detoxifying, rejuvenating body treatments paired with a facial, all using the organic, fair trade Nohem skincare range from France.

The magic happened, however, as I lay on a heated wooden bed, after the therapist scrubbed me down. She applied a thick mask containing all-natural African oils then wrapped me up in a sheet and a plastic underlay.

Then she turned on the water inside the plastic underlay and as it filled it prompted the most heavenly sensation of being lifted and then made buoyant. She then wrapped the edges all around me, leaving me in a cosy, warm cocoon. She proceeded to do my facial, all the while asking if I was too hot. After about 20 minutes I was sweating and after about 30 was ready for some air. When it was all over I was left feeling amazing from head to toe and wondering where I can get a dry flotation device for my very own.

The body scrub+mask+dry flotation is Dh700 at Aesthetic Skincare Centre, located in Khalidiya behind the BMW Showroom. Call 02  681 8711 for bookings.


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