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Learning the tricks of the false lashes trade

Kei Kim is the face behind Korean beauty brand Beautier.

Kei Kim is the face behind Beautier Lashes, which supply eyelash extensions at Tips & Toes salons in the UAE. Courtesy Beautier Lashes
Kei Kim is the face behind Beautier Lashes, which supply eyelash extensions at Tips & Toes salons in the UAE. Courtesy Beautier Lashes

Korean Kei Kim launched Beautier in 2012, after working in the eyelash extension manufacturing business for three years and gaining experience in designing and producing lashes for private beauty brands. Beautier currently supplies eyelash extensions to Tips & Toes salons in the UAE, and Kim visited Dubai last week to host a training course for the salon's technicians. We caught up with the eyelash guru to learn about eyelash trends, techniques and myths.

What’s a popular myth about false eyelashes?

There were many myths a few years back, but as the market grows people become more educated and aware. The myth that I heard most often was about the materials used to make eyelashes. The products are named after mink and silk, and often the customer asks if the material is really silk or mink. It is just the name, based on the surface texture of the fiber used. For our products, mink tends to have a more vivid shine and silk has a more natural sheen on the surface.

What are some of the important things to keep in mind when booking yourself for eyelash extensions?

I would definitely say that you should know what you really want before you schedule with the technicians. Following trends can be fun, but I think you should go for a style that suits you best and you feel most comfortable with. Once you find your desired style, find the right salon with qualified technicians that you can trust.

Could you describe the procedures? How long do the extensions last?

The eyelash extensions are carefully attached to each of your natural lashes to add length and volume. You are able to pick the length and thickness of the lashes you have, in order to create your desired look. The technicians at Tips & Toes advise that the lash extensions can last up to six weeks, but it is recommended to go for refills every two weeks to keep them in the best condition.

What are your top tips for caring for eyelash extensions at home, after the procedure?

Cleansing is the most important step. Wash them thoroughly everyday using microfiber brushes and oil-free makeup removers. Also try to moisturise around the eyes. Brush the eyelashes everyday to make sure they are not tangled and to keep them longer and healthier.

Is it true that your real eyelashes can fall out after applying lash extensions?

I would say no to that. Your natural eyelashes do fall, but that is not caused by eyelash extensions (as long as your technician applied them properly). It is also important to select products that are suitable for your natural eyelash type. If your natural eyelashes are short and thin, then too much weight can cause the eyelashes to fall before the cycle.

Are lash extensions sustainable long-term, or should they only be applied on special occasions?

It is sustainable to have eyelash extensions in everyday life with good daily care, but I would also recommend having rest periods between each full set. This will give your own lashes the time to rebuild at the roots and will keep the surface healthier.

Updated: July 18, 2017 10:44 AM