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Kate Middleton in Pakistan: duchess wears a traditional Chitrali pakol cap

The royal wore the regional garb when in the north of Pakistan

On day two of their Pakistan royal tour, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were choppered into the mountainous Chitral district, which sits on the border to Afghanistan.

Kate and William were both given traditional clothes to keep them warm (the Chitral state is one of the highest regions in the world, ranging from 1,094 to 7,726 metres above sea level).

William wore a heavily embroidered white coat and a traditional cap with a feather in it, while Kate also donned a cap as well as a thick, embroidered shawl.

The hat worn by Kate is called a pakol, and is worn in Afghanistan and in parts of Pakistan. The caps are generally 100% wool, and the feather detail marks any particular cap as more formal. Kate's cap features a peacock feather.

A feathered cap is often seen in army uniforms and as worn by the scouts in Chitral. It is very similar to one worn by William's late mother Princess Diana when she toured Pakistan back in 1991, who also wore a similarly embroidered coat:

Royal watchers do love to compare almost anything Kate wears to something Diana has worn in the past, but the comparison here is clear and undeniable.

While in the Chitral District, the couple have also visited Chiatbo Glacier to see the effects climate change has had there, and will also see the impact of flooding in the Chitral valley.

Updated: October 16, 2019 02:23 PM

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