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Get the best out of any summer holiday with a hands-free bumbag - in pictures

Call it a belt bag, a hip bag or even the dreaded American fanny pack, there is no denying these nifty bags are helpful. Here are our top 10 favourites

We have all done it. Arrive at a fabulous holiday destination only to then struggle carrying a handbag, hand luggage and suitcase, all while trying to take that all important first photo on our phones. Although it will not help with the overweight suitcase, having a bumbag instead of a handbag will definitely make your life a little easier. They can be worn slung around the hips, over a shoulder, or as a cross body, and make for a convenient way to carry small amounts of stuff. Bumbags may be a retro throwback from the 1980s but, let's face it, they work.


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Updated: August 8, 2018 05:39 PM