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Sneak peek at this season's Global Village

Global Village Dubai is set to open on November 1, and there are some dramatic improvements and changes this year

Global Village Dubai is set to open on November 1. Here are the improvements and changes this year.

New pavilions announced

The existing 27 pavilions will be joined this year by Bosnia and the Balkans, and a South Asia Pavilion representing Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

New dining options

There are eight new dining options in addition to the existing 15. They are Taco Barrio Restaurant (Mexican), Kebab House (Arabic), iWok (Chinese), Strawcolate Chocolate Coffee Shop, Cupa Gahwa Coffee Shop, Al Yola Traditional Coffee Shop and Fruit Valley.

Digital Upgrades

This year the website and mobile applications have been enhanced to include live broadcasts, weather updates, games and prizes, and upgraded restaurant and entertainment guides.


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