x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 January 2018

Married Life: The genius of enjoying life together

Don't get me wrong - we're neither lazy nor impervious to fun. But somehow we never seem able to muster up enough energy.

Mr T and I managed to make it down to Beats on the Beach this past weekend and partake in what is arguably Abu Dhabi's largest and most popular event of the year. It was never our intention to go out and have fun, but a work assignment meant I had to go check out these free concerts on the capital's beach.

Life had become such a whirlwind of work and packing and moving and looking for furniture, as well as waiting around endlessly for plumbers and electricians and delivery men, that any free minute we find is immediately given over to sleep.

Don't get me wrong - we're neither lazy nor impervious to fun. We always mean to check out one of the restaurants on the Corniche and precede it with an evening walk. We always vow to remember to buy tickets to the Abu Dhabi Classics and not leave it to the last minute, only to hear that all the tickets are sold out.

But somehow we never seem able to muster up enough energy.

"I'll only be there a little while," I assured Mr T about this weekend's work assignment. "Then we can go home and maybe watch a movie."

Mr T sat on the grass to wait for me and listened to a guitarist playing a fusion of genres. I weaved in and out of revellers. The carefree nature of the atmosphere was contagious.

Soon enough, Mr T ran into a good friend, and I wrapped up my assignment. Our gazes at one another said, "Shall we head back home, or shall we put some effort into enjoying ourselves for a change?"

Taking a time out made all the difference. My brother-in-law showed up with the genius idea of grabbing a couple of sandwiches for an impromptu dinner. My sister-in-law stopped by and entertained us with stories of her teenage friends and their impressions of the performers and their dance moves. Without even noticing it, my exhaustion had disappeared.

Too often, in this first year of marriage, we have forgotten to unwind. A year ago, when the Formula One races first transformed November in the UAE, Mr T and I were oblivious to the international event, instead concerned with our wedding that was just around the corner. This year, we came dangerously close to making the same mistake again.

As we headed home at the end of the night, sated and pleasantly tired from singing along to music we didn't even realise we knew, Mr T and I marveled that we stayed for the entire programme.

"Let's not go couch shopping again tomorrow," Mr T suddenly quipped. "Want to call up the rest of our friends and see if they want to go out for dinner or plan a night barbecue or something?"

I did not need to think twice. "Genius idea," I told him.