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Magicians and comics: 12 street performances to catch during Dubai Street Fest

From the world's most immobile man to a headless couple, Downtown's DSF will host world-class acts until Sunday, January 19

Retail therapy and reward schemes aside, Dubai Shopping Festival also invites performers from all over the world to entertain visitors at malls and various venues across the city. This year, 12 acts – each of which sounds more intriguing than the next – will be part of Street Fest, which takes place daily at Downtown Dubai until Sunday, January 19.

Head down to Emaar Boulevard to catch one or more of these shows that will be put on every day.

Golden Fairy

A Scandinavian folk hero from Copenhagen, the Golden Fairy is said to spread light and happiness. A symbol of feminine energy, the sparkling enchantress (aka Sigme Marie Erichsen from Denmark’s Fairy Work company) will walk around interacting and clicking pictures with visitors.

He Who is Red

This act is akin to unboxing videos or those of people doing rather inane things that fill viewers with a sense of satisfaction. It involves the UK’s David French donning a head-to-toe red outfit and twirling a crystal ball in a way that’s mesmerising to look at.

Steampunk Lady

Another British act, Izabela Radcliffe doubles as the playful Steampunk Lady. Her costume is teeming with hidden watches (purportedly to steal your time), as she shoots kisses at you with her golden mask and other mechanical gadgets – which may or may not work.


Another solo act, this time from Portugal, Antonio Santos’s Staticman has broken five Guinness World Records for his ability to remain immobile and performed in more than 400 cities. The “living statue” can be observed – not moving – at Downtown Dubai Street Fest.

Windy Man

An original creation by Wayne Scott, the Windy Man started his street-performing career at the 1995 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The parody of modern man, Scott is forever in a hurry, yet frozen in a progression of poses with an imaginary breeze playing havoc with his hair and costume.


Presented by a duo from Spain, Aaaaaachis! won the World Champion of Living Statues award in 2008. This is one man’s attempt to give a bunch of flowers to his sweetheart, who is not only allergic to them, but also has a super-delicate (read: detachable) neck.

Mr Muffin and Cherry

Another headless duo, this couple from Portugal literally lost their heads for each other, but that does not stop them from dancing and generally romancing each other to hilarious effect.

Aladdin Levitation

The centuries-old art (or act) of levitation continues to fascinate its viewers. Downtown Dubai Street Fest will feature Italy’s Mauro dressed as Aladdin, seemingly hovering over the ground.

Edgar Groll

The artist from Argentina entertains with his performances using innovative range of props. These include: spinning balls, the smallest bicycle in the world, hypnotic crystal spheres, and a high giraffe unicycle that he clambers on to to play the clarinet.

Charlie Chaplin

Fellow Argentinian Diego does a mean impression of the actor, impressionist and mime, often involving the audience in his hilarious struggle.

Chris Cross

Dubbed “the Great Magician of the North”, the UK’s Chris Cross is known for his escapology stunts.

The Charming Jay

Another magician, this time from South Korea, the Charming Jay combines his passion for trickery and eccentric jazz. Of course, every time he attempts to do something, it always goes wrong, and when he covers the mistake, another mistake reveals itself.

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