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Einstein's theory takes old age to new heights

Why living on the top floors of the Burj Khalifa ages you faster and other weird and wonderful stories you may have missed this week in News You Can Lose.

People who live in the penthouse suite age faster than those on lower floors, research has confirmed.

The cause is Einstein's theory of relativity, which proposes that time is a relative concept and can be altered by gravity - and because there is a minute gravitational difference between the top and the bottom of the Burj, time will pass more rapidly (relatively speaking) at the top.

A new atomic clock has been developed that is so accurate it would lose one second in 3.7 billion years. Measurements taken by two clocks, one at sea level and the other just a foot above, showed they were running at different times.

It would mean that for every foot above ground, someone would age about 90 billionths of a second faster in a lifetime of 79 years.

For someone at the top of the 829-metre Burj Khalifa, it would result in a life shorter by a fraction of a second.


Hidden in plane sight

A mysterious space plane has now been orbiting the Earth for more than a year.

Known as X-37B, the unmanned craft was launched by the US Air Force, who have refused to reveal what it is doing.

Theories range from scientific research to a replacement for the Space Shuttle or a craft that could attack enemy satellites or function as an orbital bomber.

The X-37B will eventually glide back to Earth to land like conventional aircraft.


Attacker had a lot of neck

An animal handler is in serious condition after he was butted by a giraffe.

The man was attacked by a male animal after he attempted to take a blood sample at a wildlife centre in South Africa.

Although giraffes are general docile, they can react violently if frightened.

The handler was airlifted to hospital where he was treated for spinal injuries caused by the animal also crushing him against a fence.


Could be a short rain

A newly crowned beauty queen has apologised after complaining about the poor weather in her home city.

Miss Seattle had tweeted "Ugh can't stand cold rainy Seattle and the annoying people".

Jean-Sun Hannah Ahn, 22, later tried to explain that she was still trying to get used to the city's notoriously damp climate after moving back from Arizona and had been having a bad day.

In her latest tweet after receiving the title last week, Ms Ahn observed "I really do love Seattle ... the summers are to die for."


Did they ask for a check?

The parents of a three-year-old girl only realised that they had left her behind at a restaurant when they saw an appeal on the evening news.

Police called for help tracing the child's parents after she was found abandoned at Chuck E Cheese in Hartford, Connecticut.

The couple saw the broadcast and realised the girl was their daughter Harmony. They later explained they believed she was with relatives who also attended the meal.