x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 28 July 2017

Dress code: Pixie Geldof


Ladies and gentlemen, we present Pixie Geldof. Pixie is the younger sister to Peaches, a previous and very dear subject of this page. Welcome Pixie, you look quite the part, if the part in question is a role as emo kid in an American high-school movie. As it happens, you're on the red carpet for an awards ceremony. The make-up is sparing and the peroxide hair difficult to gauge underneath that studded baseball hat, which is the kind of item worn more appropriately by unwashed drummers.

Fairly generous to refer to them as clothes, we say. What that biker jacket is hiding, mercifully perhaps, is a corset bodice worn with a pair of stockings and suspenders. It's that underwear as outerwear trend. She's a model, don't you know?

I mean really! Clumpy black platforms worn with tights. What is this? 1993?

Pixie is 19 and evidently languishing in that difficult transition stage from schoolgirl to adult. Thus, the Louis Vuitton rucksack. We also have the aformentioned hat, and a couple of pendant necklaces. Oh, and the bad-girl attitude she's clearly so keen to give off. But then her big sister technically owns the rights to that.