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Detox Delight's short juice cleanse is a healthy compromise

A three-day juice cleanse, with snacks, is a great way to feel more healthy, and fast.

I like food and dislike any attempts to interrupt my relationship with it. I know juice cleanses are all the rage, but so far, I've not really been interested: five or seven days just seems like too long. But I like feeling healthy and I like a good detox. So what about a compromise? Two or three days, augmented with light, healthy snacks? I decided to go for it recently, and if you do too, I fully recommend Detox Delight's new Super Green Delight menus. There are two Super Green Detox drinks per day, featuring green apple, celery, spinach, cucumber and lime, and two Green Detox, featuring pineapple, green apple, lollo rosso (leafy green) and lime.

After three days on the juice, which I augmented with snacks (Detox Delight-approved broth, apples, raw vegetables and one, not-allowed, very tiny chicken breast), I felt slimmer, lighter, regenerated and rejuvenated, with clearer skin and brighter eyes. My stomach lacked its customary bloat and I felt like I wanted to "eat clean" every day of my life henceforth: just what a good cleanse should do.

The Detox Delight crew is a helpful, supportive bunch who offer a fresh, delicious product with stellar service, effective packaging and several different methods of providing support. The juices were delicious, although by the third day I wished the green juices and the Detox Lemonade (apple, water and lemon) were slightly less tart. Their Cashew Milk (cashews, water, stevia and Himalayan salt) was delicious. The Paris branch of the company, which originated in Germany, was even Gooped recently, with their vegan menu earning a coveted seal of approval from Gwyneth Paltrow's newsletter.

Although Detox Delight in the UAE does not yet have a full vegan menu, they have begun offering packages featuring their own fresh granola breakfast and soup/juice combos - so I know they see the benefits in going just part way, too.

The final verdict: juice cleanses have their place, but not everyone is cut out for them. So don't shy away from trying one just because you are scared of being without food for too long.

* Ann Marie McQueen


Ÿ Get your cleansing in now before Detox Delight takes a month-long break beginning July 17. The company, which delivers to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah, is offering a summer special: Dh1,950 for five days of detox instead of Dh2,650, including delivery in Dubai

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