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Delighting in Turkish trinkets for autumn

We catch up with the fashionable founders of the online boutique Anjelique.com to hear about their favourite Ottoman-inspired items for the autumn months.

Ozlem Tuna coffee cups. Christopher Pike / The National
Ozlem Tuna coffee cups. Christopher Pike / The National

One way to guarantee you won't be caught wearing the same fashion accessories as the next woman this season is by shopping at www.anjelique.me.

From handmade organic leather gladiator sandals to agate and coral bracelets, the site's eclectic mix of pieces has been sourced from Turkey by its co-creators Inci Malik and Ebru Berge.

Inci, what will be the major trends for autumn?

Colour-wise, autumn trends include plenty of honey-gold, titanium, ultramarine green, oxblood red and white. When it comes to style, we're seeing plenty of military items, comfortable dresses with hemlines at the mid-knee and below. In addition, there will be winter whites, bold and chunky knits, reptile and animal prints and some simply amazing, dramatic costume jewellery.

What pieces do you expect to be best sellers this season?

The Sempia black croc-print lambs-leather bag. At Dh1,110, it makes the perfect day bag.

Secondly, the Husna Kallini organic leather sandals for Dh958. They are the perfect way to channel the military look this autumn, especially when blended with a floaty floral dress. Also, I would pick gold Ottoman earrings, which really make a statement and retail at Dh422.

What about two suggestions for Eid; one affordable and one blow-the-budget option?

For the affordable, a dark red zirconium charm bracelet from the Belizz collection that retails for Dh150. For the blow-the-budget option, an Inci Ozayan silver-plated tulip Turkish Delight serving set and six pieces of Ozlem Tuna's turquoise tulip coffee sets for Dh2,060.

Where and by whom are your designs made in Turkey? Also, how do you source new pieces?

The products we sell are all made in Istanbul in the Ateliers of Designers, where the designers are personally involved from the initial drawings through to the final production. We source all new pieces very carefully, conducting market research, following the most respected fashion magazines, websites and blogs, as well as watching current trends in the everyday life of Istanbul. We personally wear and use the designs we stock to measure their quality and comfort levels before we launch them in our online store.

How did the brand first come to be? What was the inspiration behind it?

Whenever we would go back to visit our home city of Istanbul, we'd always spend a lot of time shopping and admiring the many beautiful hand-crafted designs on offer. Over time, we realised that there was a real market for such items in the UAE. We were inspired to bring our fabulous Turkish culture and heritage here and to offer such individuality to fashionistas in the region. So the brand ultimately portrays a stylish Turkish lady and represents Istanbul's vibrant fashion scene.

Why did you choose the UAE for the launch and how easy was the process?

Istanbul has experienced a new and fresh pop-culture dynamic of late. This fresh cultural wave has also elevated the appeal of Turkish fashion. This has created a lot of interest in local Istanbul designers, especially in a consumer market like the UAE, which constantly seeks the new. Simply put, Turkey is en vogue.

Can you describe Turkish jewellery in four words?

Cultural, sensual, quality and detailed.

Quick-fire questions:

What piece of jewellery do you never take off?

Malik:  A silver lifetime bracelet from the Belizz collection.

Berge: A silver and blue Swarovski crystal bracelet from Belizz.

What is the most sentimental piece of jewellery you own?

Malik: A heart ring that I bought with my first job's salary.

Berge: A diamond ring my mum gave me last year.

What is the most treasured pair of shoes in your closet?

Malik: A pair of patent leather black shoes by Ince Topuk.

Berge: A pair of white leather sandals by Fratelli Rosetti.

What is your go-to staple item in your wardrobe?

Malik: A brown or black medium-width belt by Calvin Klein.

Berge: A silver butterfly pendant necklace with amethyst detailing.

What is the essential accessory for women this autumn?

Malik: A silk scarf with floral prints from Erdem.

Berge: A baroque pearl choker combined with black coral.

Anjelique.me ships for free within the GCC. For more information and to see the latest collections go to www.anjelique.me and www.facebook.com/anjeliqueme.

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