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Defy the odds to look cool in pyjamas

M's fashion columnist Katie Trotter on how to pull off the pyjamas trend - or not.

Satire and fashion often run hand in hand - take the common pair of pyjamas as an example. Yes, that's right, another bonkers new trend to gain momentum that started with Stella McCartney and Richard Nicoll, and is now endorsed by celebrities such as Tilda Swinton, Sofia Coppola and Rihanna.
Which is all great, of course, apart from the minor fact that I don't look or feel like Rihanna - nor do my boss, my mother or any of my friends. Which all makes me a little unnerved and not so convinced, although I do have enough experience to know that often we write off anything a little left of centre in fear of appearing silly. It's a sort of built in self-protection mechanism we learn in infancy.
So, in that vein I will try to get to grips with it.
Like most face-wincing trends, it's all in how we choose to wear the look that matters. I won't insult you by warning you off a pair of actual pyjamas - that would just be idiotic, and I have more faith in you than that. Think elongated pure silk and wide-legged trousers, and for heaven's sake, mind your expression - an unnerved expression will kill it; you must at least carry the notion that you know what you are doing.
Think of things as separates. Try pairing the trousers with a grey T-shirt or a crisp, white cropped jumper. If you are to wear the pyjama top, go for a slim-cut jean or cigarette trousers to balance things out.
Go for a bigger size than normal, as I always advise with silk or chiffon - remember, things should skim, not cling - and heels are a must to lengthen and create an elegant line.
Ironically, this should be the dream - or at least living the dream, for here we are finally being told to head out for the night in pyjamas. What's to complain about? We should rejoice, as pyjamas are universally flattering, good and comfy around the old middle, and kind of cool. Yet it's thrown most of us into blind panic. The punters are not helping by suggesting bright and brash florals, giving most of us the shivers after hearing the ever lovely Karl Lagerfeld's comment, "Florals are for middle-aged women with weight problems".
When it boils down to it, we can do it. It's whether we like doing it that remains unanswered.
Would I present a new project in pyjamas? Would I wear them to a summer wedding? Would I skip around in the south of France in them? No, most likely not. Which exposes the real issue here. We can't, as we often think, try everything going. Sometimes we just have to smile and part ways for the cooler crowd.
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