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Comfort blanket: why it's OK to cocoon in a beautiful throw right now

In these uncertain times, we all crave a little security and warmth

Who didn't build "forts" as a child? Made by draping bedding over chairs and tables to create cosy little dens, these secret spaces hid us away from the outside world. As well as being fun to make, they felt safe and comforting, as if the fabric were an impenetrable barrier against the outside world.

Many of us will look back on those carefree days with nostalgia, not least because in these uncertain times – let's be honest here – the idea of being able to return sounds very appealing.

Sadly, no time machine exists and unless you happen to be blessed with a most forgiving spouse, building a den as an adult is definitely out of the question. Instead, we have to find other ways to recreate that sense of protection we instinctively sought as a child.

One simple way is by wrapping oneself in the warm folds of a beautiful blanket. Made by some of the most prestigious houses in the world, each piece is the result of years of know-how and the finest materials, to create blankets that offer a precious moment of self-care and a pause in which to forget about the worries of the world.

Crafted to last a lifetime, a luxury purchase offers the best in slow fashion, the idea of buying fewer things of better quality, as an investment that can be handed down to the children. Snuggle up on the sofa guilt-free, and take time to recharge your batteries, wrapped in the enveloping confines of a soft throw as protection against the angst of the world outside the window.

Turn the air conditioning on high, and marry it with a cup of soothing tea and some of your favourite music, because it has to be an easier way to unwind than commandeering the dining room chairs.

Updated: May 7, 2020 05:20 PM



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