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Chinese coal baron makes big splash with Tibetanmastiff

An 11-month-old Tibetan mastiff, with a red coat, has been sold for 10 million yuan, almost $1.5 million, and other news you can lose.

A red Tibetan mastiff called Hong Dong has become the world's most expensive dog.

The 11-month-old, which was sold to a Chinese coal baron for 10 million yuan (Dh5.59m), is described as a "perfect specimen" by its breeder, Lu Liang.

The dog's value was inflated by his red coat, which is considered a lucky colour, and a growing trend for the breed as a status symbol by China's new rich.

Tibetan mastiffs can weigh up to 129kg and should be fed a diet of tripe, boiled fish heads, powdered eggshells and cod liver oil. Genghis Khan is reputed to have taken 30,000 with his army.

Hong Dong, whose name translates as Big Splash, will also be able to command a stud fee of Dh36,000.


I've got the keys right here

The average Briton carries about nine keys, but has no idea what two of them unlock, a new survey has discovered.

More than one quarter of those polled also admitted to owning up to 15 keys, while 9 per cent revealed that they owned more than 21.

The survey, by an insurance company, also found that nearly one quarter of homeowners hide a spare key to their property within three metres of their front door and that the most common hiding places were under a rock in the garden, a door mat or in a plant pot.


High diver makes little splash

An American high diver has broken his own record by plunging 11 metres into a pool of water just 30 centimetres deep.

Darren Taylor performed the feat by landing safely in a child's paddling pool set up in Trondheim, in Norway, because he says near-freezing temperatures make the water denser.

Mr Taylor, who is also known as "Captain Splash", has now had 13 shallow0diving records accepted by the Guinness World Records.

He was allowed to place two foam mats under the pool because "believe me, jumping and landing as flat as possible in 12 inches of water is tough enough as it is".


Al Qa'eda offers beauty tips

A new women's magazine has been published by al Qa'eda, offering tips on skin care, etiquette and married life.

Called Al Shamikha or "the Majestic Woman", the inaugural edition features a pink cover design and images of a woman in a burqa and a submachine gun.

The magazine advises women to achieve the perfect complexion by staying indoors and features wives whose husbands have died in so-called martyrdom operations.

On the subject of finding the right man, it recommends marrying a mujahed.

The editorial board says the magazine was launched because "women constitute half of the population - and one might even say that they are the population since they give birth to the next generation".