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Boutique 1's online shopping site

Georgina Wilson-Powell on a new online shopping service.

New arrival: Georgina Wilson-Powell on a new online shopping service. Despite the UAE getting more hi-tech and on-board with everything the internet has to offer, there has always been one shortfall for the fashion world: online shopping. Yes, you can order from abroad, but it takes a while, it's expensive and the clothes might not fit. But fear not: Boutique 1, the designer lifestyle store at the Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai, is launching an online portal at the end of October. It will be the first retailer in the region to offer an online shop in English and Arabic.

Welcome to a brave new world that's pretty sleek, immaculately dressed and bang up to date with the latest in fashion. Having had a sneak peek at the site, we can assure you it will entertain even the most internet-phobic fashionista. The website incorporates the store's lifestyle concept so you can choose from more than 150 brands of clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products, homewares, books and art. "It was so important for us to keep the site high quality and have 100 per cent control over everything," explains Julia Ewald, the store's e-commerce director.

She's built everything from scratch, even constructing a photo studio in the warehouse, so the moment the clothes come in, they're shot at every angle. Post-production colour-matches the site's shots to the real thing, then they're described by the content editor and placed online, where you can zoom in to the point of being able to see the fibres. There are already 20 people working on the project.

In setting up the site, Boutique 1 faced some difficult challenges. No home-delivery system for one, so the store will Aramex everything, everywhere, guaranteeing shipment all over the world, in under two days. For those shoppers who need everything yesterday, within the UAE you can have those must-have shoes in three hours. "If a woman is browsing for a dress in the afternoon for a cocktail party in the evening, we can get it there," says Ewald proudly.

Every brand has a mini-home page with catwalk shots, interviews with designers and content updated every week; trends are highlighted and styled in much the same way as a double-page spread in a magazine. When it comes to buying the clothes, the navigation is attractive and simple. Search by brand, colour and size as well as the usual categories; each piece is presented with an array of mix-and-match suggestions from clutch bags to peep-toe heels, or you can scroll through your own picks to see what works.

You can also register for your wedding or buy gifts, along with complimentary cards where you add your text. The possibilities are endless. But even if you do get a bit carried away with the credit card, don't worry. All gifts come in beautiful packaging, tied with ribbons so pretty you won't notice the pain in your wallet. Georgina Wilson-Powell

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