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Beiber's beguiling writer's block

Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian feature in our round-up of the best celebrity tweets of the week.

"still thinking of something clever to say ... hmmmmmm ... something clever ... something clever ... hmmmm. and on that note. ... I got nothin" Oh, we do so love Justin Bieber and his inane Twitter updates. But, honestly, if you're going to go about being one the most popular Tweeters in the world, we reckon you should think carefully before your next entry. December 14.


"Snowflakes are flurrying down outside and it's my last day of being 20!" We are happy that the singer, Taylor Swift, was so excited about reaching the ripe old age of 21. And while we hope she ended up having a raucous party to celebrate, who are we kidding? The impossibly angelic Swift probably spent her birthday looking after orphaned kittens. December 13.


"Shopping online at #Topshop. Obsessed with everything they have right now!" It pleases us to see that being rich and famous, like the lovely actress Emma Roberts, doesn't mean you can't shop in the same places as us common folk. December 11.


"had an amazing weekend of bonding with my cast mates we are going to have so much fun filming this movie!" Things just keep getting better and better for the now-pneumatic blonde, Kelly Osbourne, who is, in case you haven't noticed, having plenty of fun. December 13.


"Someone just sprayed a REALLY strong cologne and it stinks! Rude to spray on a plane." Looks like the glamourous Kim Kardashian doesn't take too kindly to profligate perfume wearers. Someone, according to Kim, needs to brush up on their airplane etiquette. December 14.