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Beauty Spy: make-up removers with a minimum of fuss

You won't see her, but she's there, in the salons, spas and shops, and she's happy to share her secrets on make-up cleansing.

I hate taking off my make-up. Especially since I decided that mascara was no longer an optional extra. I stand there in front of the bathroom mirror every evening and think: "This is soooo boring, can I just skip it for once and go straight to bed?"

The answer, of course, is no, you can't. Because if you do, you will be punished. You will never find a husband, or even worse you will wake up with spots.

Taking off your make-up is one of the most essential parts of your beauty regime. It stops your pores from clogging and also removes dead skin, one of your worst enemies. Dead skin is extremely ageing; it not only slows the turnover of new skin cells but also exposes your skin to oxidants and, naturally, clogs up pores.

Cleansing is the feminine equivalent of shaving, that thing that men do every day that supposedly helps them to age well, while we age badly. Cleansing exfoliates and purifies. And it also means you don't wake up with a pillow smeared in stale make-up.

Whether you use water or not is a personal choice. It's rather like being a little-endian or a big-endian, based on which way up you like your boiled eggs. Once you are in one camp you are unlikely to move to the other. I am a water girl and far and away my favourite cleanser to use with water is Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I love the smell, the texture, the feeling of the hot muslin cloth soaked in hot water raking away all the impurities from the day. Liz Earle is not yet available here in the UAE but you can order online at www. uk.lizearle.com or just pick some up when you're in London next; it is stocked at Peter Jones.

If I run out of Liz Earle I use the Soap & Glory Clean Mary cleansing milk, which is available in branches of Boots across the UAE. It lacks the creamy richness of the Liz Earle product but has a lovely fragrance, and the packaging (as with all Soap & Glory products) is inspirational. On extremely lazy days I opt for another Soap & Glory must-have, the Off Your Face cleansing cloths; they are so much better than other cleansing cloths, they even exfoliate your skin, which is a bonus. I often splash on some water afterwards just to get that squeaky clean feeling. Happy cleansing!


Three of the Best

Try these peachy blushers for a fresh fac.

BENEFIT BELLA BAMBA DH143 One of our favourite brands for blushers offers a new peachy shade that's great on pale or bronzed skin.

THE BODY SHOP SHIMMERY BLUSH IN CORAL DH75 Use on your cheekbones as a pale blusher and highlighter all in one.

CLINIQUE PEACHY BLUSH WEAR CREAM STICK DH143 A cream-to-powder blush that blends effortlessly into cheeks for a punch of colour. Perfect for achieving a natural glow, or if you desire a more noticeable flush a few extra strokes will do the trick.


M Loves

Marc Jacobs Pop Art Edition Daisy perfume If you are a packaging queen, then the new Marc Jacobs Pop Art Edition Daisy perfume will definitely catch your eye. Clear off your dressing table as this bright red bottle topped with three glossy black daisies demands pride of place. Plus, the scent inside is a deliciously light fragrance with hints of wild strawberry, vanilla, jasmine and gardenia. Art and scent all at once - we love it!

Marc Jacobs Pop Art Edition Daisy, Dh455, www.daisymarcjacobs.com