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Beat the bulge this Christmas

Afraid of the cheese platter this season? Check out these ways to control your appetite at parties and Christmas weight gain this season.
Staying well-hydrated helps to curb the appetite. Adam Gryko
Staying well-hydrated helps to curb the appetite. Adam Gryko

The festive season can be a diet nightmare for anyone who is trying to watch what they eat. Not only are the foods at this time of year richer than what we would normally eat, but the quantities get more generous as we indulge to our limits – in most cases surpassing them. This leaves us feeling that uncomfortable weight of this heavy, but oh so delicious, burden.

Here are five ways you can protect your waistline in the coming days.

Drink water – and lots of it

Not only is this essential to keep you well hydrated, but it also helps to regulate appetite and aids digestion by optimising bowel movements. The more hydrated we are the less we tend to store fat, too, so drinking room temperature, still mineral water is a slim-waist essential. Aim for at least one litre before breakfast and then sip your way through another two litres if you can manage it throughout the day. This will definitely keep all that rich food and sugar on the move.

Don’t skip breakfast

Many people skip breakfast to save their appetite for later. Not only does this slow down your metabolism when you need it most but it also means that you will most likely eat more later to compensate. At least start the day well with a light and healthy breakfast of fresh fruits boosted with the addition of super-seeds such as flax and chia to keep everything moving in the right direction.

Eat before the party

Going hungry will make it practically impossible to avoid all the delicious, but oh so heavy, festive foods. If you eat a light, healthy meal before you leave you can enjoy party treats in moderation.

Sip herbal teas

Ginger and cinnamon are particularly helpful in boosting metabolism and aiding in the digestion of rich foods if you’re feeling bloated. Try nettle tea if you are struggling with heartburn or if you feel your body needs a mini-cleanse after an evening of indulgence. Nettle tea is mineral rich, neutralises acid and helps detox your system.

Chew very well

It’s simple but effective. A well-chewed burger is better for your waistline than a badly chewed salad, according to Dr Harold Stossier of Austria’s renowned detox destination the Viva Mayr Clinic. Chewing your food not only means you consume fewer calories, but also helps you better digest what you eat, leaving you feeling lighter without the bloat.

Laura Holland is a well-being consultant and nutritional therapist. For more information, go to www.BeUtifulYou.Com


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