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Baldwin mixes up princesses and duchesses

This week's top celebrity tweets from Baldwin to Kelly Osbourne and more.

A handout photo of actor Alec Baldwin.
A handout photo of actor Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin gets his royal titles confused, Kelly Osbourne scares away car thieves using just her face, Hugh Hefner is not yet dead, and more, in this week's Twitter roundup.


• "Yeah, there are all sorts of fun things to do while sick and on vocal rest. Like sitting here, popping bubble wrap by myself #wishiwasontour." Taylor Swift, July 8


• "Apparently Shane Warne's new face is just down to using moisturiser. Yeah, you know, that moisturiser that a nurse injects into your face." Jimmy Carr, UK comedian, July 9


• "I was just informed by @nickjfrost which film he watched that was so bad it made him cry and I cried. Not just for us but for our children." Simon Pegg, July 10


• "I hear I'm getting [a] great review in News of the World next Sunday. Can't wait!" Steve Martin, July 10


• "The new Princess is now the most beautiful woman in Hollywood." Alec Baldwin, July 10


• "Terribly, awfully sorry….The Dutchess of Cambridge! Not quite up on my titles!!"Alec Baldwin, July 10


• "One more time…the Duch-ess! Haha." Alex Baldwin, July 10


• "Just stopped 2 boys robbing a car all I said was "oi" and they ran like the wind. I did not realise I was that scary!" 11 - Make a Wish..." Paris Hilton July 12


• "Alright.... Allstar game and then a nap... (where I will begin to solve many of the world's problems...) #comedycentral ROAST Details soon!" Charlie Sheen, July 12


• "The rumors of my death are, as Mark Twain observed in a similar situation, greatly exaggerated. I'm very much alive & kicking." Hugh Hefner, July 12