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Airdxb: Dubai's answer to Airbnb allows you to make money on your home

The service allows Dubai residents to let out their apartments for short-term stays

A villa on The Palm Jumeirah, designed by XBD Collective, would attract many a tourist 
A villa on The Palm Jumeirah, designed by XBD Collective, would attract many a tourist 

The next time you plan a trip, whether you're away for two days or 20, consider welcoming into your space one of the many thousands of tourists who flock to Dubai at any given time of the year, thanks to Airdxb.

The British-run Airbnb host management service launched in the UAE in September. The service will not only do a thorough background and security check to suggest visitors you're comfortable letting into your space, but also estimates that you can earn between 40 per cent and 60 per cent more, compared to the price for a 12-month-long tenancy.

The service is open to residents, real estate investors and second-home owners, and aims to maximise the rental returns against your property by letting it out when you're travelling or otherwise not using the space. It basically allows you to make money even when you're away on a leisurely holiday or quickfire business trip.

Airdxb covers everything from the photography and description of the property, to pricing, guest communication and booking, and security screening. It will also include a deep-cleaning service after your temporary guests have have left.

Director and founder Gregory Lewis says: "Not many people know that [renting out apartments to tourists on a short-term basis] has been legal in Dubai since 2016. With AirBnb being so popular and simple, it’s about time there was a service that can carry out the entire process for you, from listing it on Airbnb, coordinating with your guests and carrying out a full clean after they have left. We understand that it can be daunting to allow a complete stranger into your apartment or villa, but we have the knowledge and power to make sure everything is taken care of properly."

For more details, visit the website.


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