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A man's style starts with the details

Well-suited: What your business suit, as well as how it fits, says about you.


When a professional athlete steps on to the ice, the court, the field or the pitch, he wears a uniform. Even if he must wear the same uniform as 20 other guys, each player has his own style, and the best of the lot stand out from the crowd. This is as it should be with a man and his suit. How can one man look good when so many others do not? When a tailor has good fabrics, he creates something special, and when a smart man puts on a nice suit, he knows how to wear it. Most men, however, understand the process is not always so straightforward. Some athletes look good in their kit while others do not. Why? The answer is style.

Fashion seasons do not define style and the latest trends do not explain it. This is a concept lost on many. Wearing the latest Hugo Boss suit or buying a piece from the new Valentino collection is not style. Style is about projecting confidence and comfort. If you want others to be impressed, you need to convince them. Let me use a couple of examples. I think David Beckham is an uneducated dimwit. I do not give a toss if he is good at his sport. But the man has style. Yes, he is good looking and has an impressive physique, but he carries himself - no matter if he is wearing an Armani suit or football cleats - with a great deal of confidence, and that is easily spotted. Although I do not care for what he represents in today's pop-culture obsessed, intellectually deprived, Gossip Girl world, the man has style.