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10 best responses to the #SaidNoOneintheUAEever hashtag

The current top trending hashtag on Twitter is bound to bring some laughs with people's responses

Twitter user have fun with the #SaidNoOneintheUAEever hashtag. Leon Neal / AFP
Twitter user have fun with the #SaidNoOneintheUAEever hashtag. Leon Neal / AFP

Twitter is bound to bring the laughs with its current top trending hashtag of #SaidNoOneintheUAEever. Here's our pick of the 10 best tweets:

The one where parents who read this will probably laugh.. and then cry:

The one where we're wondering if you haven't had brunch in the UAE, can you really say you've lived in the UAE:

The one where we realize that getting mail (or anything delivered) can be very difficult:

The one where most expats at this point can just relate to:

The one that's confusing at first but maybe we're all kind of like "yeah, OK" about it after a while:

The one that makes us nervous to ever drive anywhere for the first time:

The one that reminds us that Fridays are mostly definitely the days to avoid at the mall:

And these last few ones that almost all drivers in the UAE know far too well:



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