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Let Mandela leave peacefully

A reader says like all humans, great men like Nelson Mandela will leave. But we must try to ensure that he leaves peacefully. Other topics include: Brazil, English accent, women, Egypt, cricket

A reader says great men like Nelson Mandela may leave but their ideals will live forever. Alexander Joe / AF
A reader says great men like Nelson Mandela may leave but their ideals will live forever. Alexander Joe / AF

Mandela may leave but his legacy will endure

The world loves Nelson Mandela (Mandela condition improves slightly, June 28). He is a great man, but like all humans he must go. Let him go peacefully. Don't prolong his pain, his ordeal.

His ideals, his principals, his example will live for ever. May God bless Mr Mandela.

Kanwar Hayat, Dubai

Targeting Fifa will be a mistake

I am responding to the news report Rio tent camp offers glimpse of Brazil's anger (Jun 24). On a recent visit to Brazil, a number of my colleagues spoke to me about widespread corruption, high taxes and poor infrastructure in the country. So anger and discontent have been seething among the middle class for some time.

However, Brazil has made great strides in the past decade in improving the condition of the poor who live in the "favelas" (slums).

The cash-disbursement schemes, whereby the government deposits money directly into the bank accounts of slum dwellers, have helped millions of people improve their quality of life.

The current agitation, though triggered by the transport price rise, is a manifestation of the middle-class disillusionment in the country.

It would be a serious mistake if the agitators target the 2014 Fifa World Cup preparations. The event will lure hundreds of thousands of football fans to Brazil. They will help to boost the country's economy and thereby enrich the Brazilians.

Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai

Comment on accents insulting

I found the comment by Moiz SA to be insulting (Pay attention to English accents, June 27).

Even in the heartland of the UK, people speak with diverse accents. The same is the case with the rest of Europe. Insisting others speak English with the Queen's accent does not seem to be a right thing to do. What next?

Many a time have I heard people from India, Pakistan and Arabia losing touch with their mother tongue, whereas the French and Germans retain their mother tongue no matter where they settle.

This highlights an inferiority complex, which is a postcolonial-era phenomenon.

Abdul Khaliq, Abu Dhabi

No one should control women

I agree with the views expressed by Asmaa Al Hameli in her blogpost Family, journalism, marriage and society (May 30).

If we women allow people to control our lives, then what can we teach our daughters? We need to understand this and develop self-respect.

Khadija G, Abu Dhabi

When will ordeal end for Egypt?

Egypt is in a shambles and on the brink of bankruptcy; the people don't have food and work, or they are not getting paid. When will this nightmare end?

When Hosni Mubarak was in power, the country was at least prosperous and moving forward. With Mohammed Morsi as the leader, Egypt is going backward.

Egyptian people can and do work very well under the right leadership. So get the right leader and move this great country forward. God bless Egypt.

Werner Gessner, Egypt

Weather can spoil a cricket match

What a dramatic game cricket fans were treated to at the ICC Champions Trophy (Bottom line for Indian cricket: MS Dhoni wins trophies for his country, June 25).

Weather couldn't play a spoil sport this time and India played excellently throughout the tournament. Dhoni and his boys had big smiles on their faces. It's good to see them smile after a disastrous IPL, marred by controversy.

However, for the first time in history, a team won a 50-over tournament playing a 20-over game. I am sure many diehard cricket fans like me have been let down by ICC.

A major 50-over tournament almost went to waste because of the weather.

How and why did cricket authorities plan this tournament without keeping a spare day for the final, keeping in mind the English weather conditions?

Also, it is not 2002, when technology was not so advanced. Today we have so many technological tools to predict the weather.

The ICC management must accept its failure to ensure a trouble-free final of the 2013 ICC tournament, which millions of cricket fans looked forward to.

The ICC should have thought about rain covers on cricket pitches especially in England, where rain interruptions are common.

However, at the end of the day, it was one of the longest cricket finals played in recent times.

I hope the ICC gurus keep the weather in mind while planning important matches.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi