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Lee Westwood, please ignore the twits and keep on tweeting

Pro golfer Lee Westwood says he may stop tweeting because of abuse he has received on the social network. That would be a shame.

Ryan Giggs is not the only sportsman to have a spot of trouble with Twitter this week.

The world's best golfer and up until now prolific tweeter, Lee Westwood, has threatened to shut his account because he's getting too much abuse.

This would be a mistake. Not a Giggs-like mistake, but certainly an error.

Westwood's tweets tend to be informative, funny and refreshingly honest. They give golf fans an insight into what a professional player is thinking and that can only be a good thing.

His tweeting has also provided a public fall-out with Nick Faldo, who did not think his fellow Englishman worthy of the No 1 spot, and anyone who can rile that particular gentleman is OK with me.

At a golf tournament, fans can feel close to the players in a sense that only a piece of rope and a few yards of grass separate them from the big stars. But in reality they do not get any real access.

Even now in the modern game, the only people to get a chance to meet the likes of Westwood are the uber-rich who have paid a small fortune to take part in a pro-am.

So Twitter is a good thing for the average golf fan. Ian Poulter has over one million followers and his comments can be genuinely funny. The same goes for Rory McIlroy.

So please, Lee, do not let a few dolts with nothing better to do with their time put you off using any means of social networking to speak to us, the great unwashed.