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Lady Gaga gets the Weird Al Yankovic treatment

Following the news that the US comic Weird Al Yankovic has been given permission to do a spoof of Lady Gaga's Born This Way, here are five other tracks that have been given satirical treatment.

Take Five... Empire State of Mind

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' homage to the Big Apple was given a Welsh twist by the Newport rapper Alex Warren and the singer Terema Wainwright, with classic lyrics such as "In Newport, concrete jumble nothing in order, not far from the border", while the popular but grammatically dubious Dubai version described the city as "concrete desert where dreams are made of".

Take Four... The Lonely Island

Not so much a parody, but a three-piece group dedicated to making the funny out of pop music. Their Grammy award-nominated I'm on a Boat, which mocked the clichéd nautical backdrop of many rap videos, featured genius lyrics such as "I'm riding on a dolphin, doing flips".

Take Three... Amish Paradise

He might be about to take the Michael out of Gaga, but ol' Weird Al Yankovic has been doing his spoof thing for some time. Considered one of his best, Amish Paradise took Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise and gave it a completely new, and slightly more beardy, feeling.

Take Two... Big Bottom

This Is Spinal Tap, Christopher Guest's finest satirical creation, covered a number of songs by other bands. Among the funniest is Big Bottom, remarkably similar to Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls, but with three bass guitars thrown in for good measure.

Take One... All You Need Is Cash

A mockumentary that charts the rise and fall of The Rutles, a satirical group created by Eric Idle and Neil Innes in the 1970s and based heavily on The Beatles, they released an album in 1978 - to the chagrin of the then Beatles publishing rights owners, who sued Innes for copyright infringement. They settled out of court.