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Know how to drive in bad weather

Readers urge drivers to excersie caution and follow rules while driving in inclement weather. Other topics: India's space mission, Syria, Russia bombings, dyslexia

Readers say drivers need to learn how to drive in inclement weather conditions. Pawan Singh / The National
Readers say drivers need to learn how to drive in inclement weather conditions. Pawan Singh / The National

I am commenting on the news report Poor driving conditions to continue (January 7). As long as your tyres are in good condition, you should be able to control your car within the posted speed limits without much trouble. The only real difference is that you need to maintain a far greater braking distance from the car in front. Oh, and always put your lights on so the rear of your car is visible through the water spray you’re throwing up to the car behind.

Gavin McKessock, Dubai

Hydroplaning is a loss of steering or braking control when a layer of water prevents direct contact between tyres and the road.

Anything over 56kph will cause hydroplaning, so do not speed in the rain.

Diane Monet Nobles, Abu Dhabi

Focus on driver education

I refer to the article 38m traffic offences in six years (January 7). There has been a laudable amount of focus recently on improving driving safety, focusing on important issues such as speeding, tailgating, lane changing and the use or non-use of seat belts and mobile phones.

There doesn’t seem to be as much discussion, however, about the need for a top-class driver education, testing and licensing system. This is where good defensive driving habits and understanding can be ingrained for a lifetime, that go well beyond the mere mechanics of how to drive a car.

The receipt of a driving licence should not be some form of automatic right. Rather, it should be a privilege to be earned through demonstration of a full range of motoring skills.

Steve Peacock, Abu Dhabi

When the speed limit is 100kph, why are you allowed to drive at 120kph without being flashed? Either the limit is 100kph or 120kph, but a limit with a “tolerance” of 20kph is a bad joke.

Urs Stohler, Abu Dhabi

Woman has given better like to kids

I enjoyed reading the wonderful article Emirati mother of a dyslexic son to open learning centre in Abu Dhabi (December 23) by Ayesha Al Khoori, describing how Shereen Al Nowais’s tenacity to help her dyslexic son, Mohamed, has brought about a huge change for many Emirati children with learning disabilities.

Again, I thank you for the difference you have made with your article.

Eve Woodman, US

Space missions lift India’s image

The successful launch of geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle, GSLV-D5, has formally endorsed India to join the elite club of countries which have mastered the complex cryogenic technology.

The indigenously-built cryogenic engine is capable of putting a heavy-communication satellite into precise orbit.

India’s space initiatives have accomplished major milestones in the recent past. Although India has already proven its reliability in delivering satellites into orbit, the latest mission will further strengthen its position in the field of space technology. 

The entire team behind the GSLV launch deserves a round of applause. Well done, India.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Project the real picture of Syria

It is true that Syrian youths radicalised during the Iraq war have joined the rebel side in Syria’s civil war, presenting an unlikely benefit for Bashar Al Assad (Radicals are Assad’s best friends, January 1). However, generalisations and oversimplifications are not helpful to understand the magnitude of the tragedy, or the multitude of mistakes – some out of recklessness – made by most protagonists, including regional ones.

Name withheld by request

Let Russia hold Games peacefully

It’s sad that mindless acts of terrorists have taken so many innocent lives in Russia (Russia bomb blasts raise Olympic terror fear, January 1). The two suicide bombings in the country have claimed more than 30 lives. I hope that such acts will come to a halt this year and Russia will be able to host the Games successfully.

I pray for the victims and wish speedy recovery of those who sustained injuries in the attacks.

K Ragavan, India