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Is Federer really the greatest of all time?

Other letters comment on car rental companies, service fees dispute, Turkish suffering, property visa laws and ecological awareness.

A reader argues with the description of Roger Federer as the greatest player ever. Paul Crock / AFP
A reader argues with the description of Roger Federer as the greatest player ever. Paul Crock / AFP

The article Police warn of hire cars with no insurance (December 25) was both interesting and worrying. Driving a car without insurance is a criminal offence and people who are driving must make sure that they have coverage.

Most of the car rental companies should be also be made to follow proper procedures. They should check the validity period of the insurance periodically to avoid this type of situation. If they don't, the authorities concerned should also monitor car rental companies more strictly to ensure they apply the right insurance measures, or be punished.

K Ragavan, India

Service fee dispute tarnishes industry

In regard to Experts split on Dubai's service fee disputes (December 24), these developers run the risk of tainting the entire property market.

Who will invest in property in Dubai when they hear that these kinds of bait-and-switch sales techniques occur?

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

Federer is great, but not greatest

After reading Helena Frith Powell's feature Roger, More: Why Federer won't quit yet (December 24), it appears that the writer has a fixation with Roger Federer as a person rather than the contemporary tennis-playing legend that he truly is.

However, despite all the superlative adjectives showered on him by the greats who once frequented the tour, is he really the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), given that he has been consistently unsuccessful in proving his worth against his nemesis Rafael Nadal?

Until perhaps 2008, Federer was considered as a champion who had gathered a cloak of invincibility around his shoulders once he passed through the gates of the All England Club. This is notwithstanding the fact the great Bjorn Borg still believes the 2008 men's final at Wimbledon (which Federer lost) should be written in the annals of tennis history as the greatest final ever.

If you rank them in the light of their 2011 performances, Novak Djokovic, Nadal and Federer are all intrepid gladiators of our time. That's exactly the reason why this modern-day phenom did not give excuses for his sixth straight loss at a final but only promised to practice harder.

Admittedly, Djokovic has had the most amazing run in a season in the history of the game. But the question remains how far will he be able to sustain the ongoing momentum.

The attributes of success and failure do not stay in one place or with one person. It is a testament to the power of human nature. The sooner one comes to terms with this, the better one will be able to find peace with oneself.

SA Najeeb, Abu Dhabi

Suffering of Turks not recognised

Relating to your letter headlined France and Turkey face off (December 25), it seems there is a selective amnesia employed when it comes to the Turkish population's disappearance from other areas as well as similar genocide of the Turks by Armenians.

Perhaps France should also face similar criticism. Anyone recall the concentration camps set up by the French in Algeria?


Visa law will discourage buyers

This uncertainty (Confusion mars property visa law, December 16) is killing the golden goose, the goose being wealthy owners that just want to live in the properties they have purchased, which is not much to ask.

But the over-60s, of which there are many, are only allowed 30 days on a visit visa, and then must leave, and go off to their other homes around the world.

So Dubai loses out on their huge spending power. Why would anyone buy here if they cannot occupy their own apartments?

No visa also means no du accounts, no cars, no licences and no form of security, when the government sends out mixed signals on these issues.

Alan Godfrey, Dubai

Awareness differs region by region

This is in reference to the points made in the story How to raise money and ecological awareness (December 25). Contextualising the subject to the local culture is how one implements ecological awareness.

In this region, there are plenty of principles in Islamic schools of jurisprudence that set out clear guidelines and methods regarding ecological awareness that have long been forgotten in some places.

However, these principles have been revived successfully elsewhere.

Name withheld by request