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Indian rape sentence too lenient

Readers say three years is not enough jail time for a teenager who participated in the gang rape of a woman who subsequently died. Other topics: one law for all, and One Direction.

Readers are shocked by the three-year sentence given in India to a teenager found guilty of rape. Money Sharma / EPA
Readers are shocked by the three-year sentence given in India to a teenager found guilty of rape. Money Sharma / EPA

I refer to Three years for teenager in gang rape and murder (September 1).

The sentence is a national shame for India and is a wholesale invitation to teenagers to attack women.

Rape is not a minor offence; it is a shameful criminal offence. Age should not be the barometer in judging such a case. If a person is old enough to commit rape, then he is old enough to face the consequences of his barbaric conduct.

The intensity of the crime does not diminish just because a person is below the age of 18.

In this particular case, the girl who was gang-raped died as a result of the injuries she sustained. So this is also a case of murder. The angst and pain of the girl's parents is understandable.

Anyone who indulges in uncivilised crimes should be ostracised from society for life. The minimum that the Delhi teenager deserves is life imprisonment.

I do hope that the Indian judicial system will review the decision in the interests of building a society that is safe for women. Rajendra K Aneja, Sharjah


The most saddening and hurtful thing is knowing that the voices of a billion people are falling on deaf ears, and humanity and justice mean absolutely nothing to the Indian government.

It seems that nobody in authority is willing to take a single step towards teaching these monsters who rape and kill the lesson of their life.

I am ashamed to be Indian.

Moiz SA, Sharjah

The law applies equally to all

Reading the online comments about Hareth Al Bustani's blog post, The queuing situation in the UAE (August 30), was upsetting.

I do not like the "let's blame it on the locals" attitude. I travel a lot and just like there is good everywhere, there are people who believe that they are better than others everywhere.

To the gentleman who said he was cut off by a CID officer, I have bad news for you: that guy was not from the CID. He was an arrogant, too-lazy-to-wait-in-line individual who lied to you because he knew you would fall for it.

I've seen this happen many times before.

You should speak up and make sure you embarrass those people in public; they will think twice next time.

The idea that you will get arrested if you speak up is a myth; the law applies to everybody. Please stop making claims that Emiratis are above the law and all of us have no respect for others.

I could list many examples of situations that I've experienced with people of other nationalities, but it would make me an ignorant fool if I said "British people this" or "Indians that".

Arrogant attitudes exist in every country.

Ali Al Sayed, Dubai

Domestic abuse laws need heft

I was pleased to read Saudis pass laws against domestic abuse (August 30).

Saudi Arabia has taken a big step against domestic and workplace abuse.

Those convicted of abuse could face up to a year in jail and between 5,000 and 50,000 Saudi Riyals (Dh4,900 to Dh49,000) in fines.

However, I think these penalties are insufficient. If governments want to stop domestic abuse, they must introduce harsh laws and enforce them.

Fear is the best medicine against any crime. People should fear the law.

Gloria Accion, US

Cooperation will defeat terrorism

I refer to 'Indian Mujahideen militant leader' appears in court over bomb attacks (August 31).

Yasin Bhatkal, the most-wanted terrorist who is credited with 221 deaths across India, is now in the custody of the Delhi police.

He was the mastermind behind bomb blasts in several cities across India, including the one in the German Bakery in Pune that saw 27 deaths and hundreds of people injured.

The media in India have made special reference of the valuable assistance given by the international intelligence community. This kind of cooperation is laudable.

Terrorists are a threat not only to India but to the entire world.

CS Pathak, India

No desire to see boy band's film

On The National's Facebook page, you ask who will go and see the One Direction documentary.

I'd rather watch paint dry.

Sam Damo, Dubai