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Indian PM should address workers' concerns

A reader says prime minister Manmohan Singh should look at issues concerning Indian workers while he is in the UAE. Other topics: bicycle hire. hotel rates and sponsorship.

A reader says Manmohan Singh should examine issues for Indian workers in the UAE. Manish Swarup / AP
A reader says Manmohan Singh should examine issues for Indian workers in the UAE. Manish Swarup / AP

Bike hire must be convenient and affordable

I am writing in reference to Dubai's rent-a-bike service is first of its kind in the Middle East (February 14).

Now that parking is being restricted in places like Dubai Media City, it would be great to have similar facilities to encourage people to use public transport to get to and from the Metro stations.

But the price would have to be lower for regular users. The price quoted in the story is quite expensive compared to, for example, the London scheme.

I don't think it's worth paying Dh15 when the alternative is a 20-minute walk or a faster, cheaper taxi ride.

Chris O'Hearn, Dubai

PM should look at workers' concerns

It's great to hear that Manmohan Singh plans to come to the UAE in March (Indian PM set to visit Abu Dhabi for talks, February 26).

I hope he gets the chance to see how the desert has been transformed into a business hub, and that he can learn something from his visit.

The UAE employs Indian workers on its developments, and perhaps Mr Singh could look at some of the issues they face, such as access to legal help and consular services.

I hope he enjoys the journey.

Name withheld by request

Hotel rate rises are over the top

Is there a reason why hotels across Dubai increase their room rates - sometimes by as much as five or six times - between November and April?

A decent budget hotel in Bur Dubai, which boldly advertises its rooms via neon signboards for Dh195 plus taxes, has risen its tariff to Dh450 plus taxes.

Some hotels also levy a surcharge of Dh150-200 on the room tariff if there is a big-ticket exhibition in town.

As Dubai is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world, a 30-40 per cent price difference between the peak tourist months and off-peak months is understandable.

But lifting the rates by 100 or 200 per cent - or more - is unjustified in my opinion.

Amitabh Saxena, Dubai

Sponsors should look to the arts

I am writing in reference to Khalifa Port and Etihad Rail sponsor top football teams (February 25).

I am not against sport sponsorship, but I think some funds should also be directed towards supporting education, art and culture. Mohamed Kanoo, Abu Dhabi


Basic rules apply to child-raising

It was interesting to read Children or parents: who rules your roost? (January 29)

I find it sad that some parents do not know the simple, basic commonsense rules about how to raise their children.

Teri Adams, Abu Dhabi