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In praise of the selfless work of nannies

Nannies play a pivotal role in shaping the lives of the children they nurture.

Liverpool fans burn a Fernando Torres shirt. A reader supports the idea of sending unwanted Torres shirts to young football players in Africa. Dave Thompson / AP
Liverpool fans burn a Fernando Torres shirt. A reader supports the idea of sending unwanted Torres shirts to young football players in Africa. Dave Thompson / AP

The article Maids can't teach the children, parents told (February 2) reported that a study has shown that children in Gulf states spend too much time with nannies.

A nanny is a mom-away-from-mom. When mom cannot be available, a nanny is there for the children. A nanny loves unconditionally. She kisses hurts, encourages intellectual, emotional and social development, and provides a safe space for the children. She does all the things that the mother would do if the mother were available. Thus, she too plays a pivotal role in shaping who the children become.

Candi Wingate, Abu Dhabi

A plea to protect the protesters

In reference to your front page news article The battle of Tahrir Square (February 3), I find it worrying that while the Egyptian army promised not to fight the protesters, they also seemed to be using that promise to not protect them very well.

At least the army is somewhat protecting them, but they really should have fought back against those using violence against the peaceful protesters.

I hope the army will take the side of the protesters, even if it only means protecting them from violence and helping those who are injured.

Wes Mininger, Abu Dhabi

In support of Buddhist integrity

The news article Tibetan Buddhists march in India in support of beleaguered leader (February 3) reported that thousands of Buddhist monks and laypersons protested against an investigation by Indian police into the source of a large amount of money found in the Dharamsala monastery of the Karmapa, the third-ranking leader in Tibetan Buddhism.

Many people have known this Buddhist leader for a long time and support his honesty and integrity.

The monastery maintains that the money has been donated by pilgrims to Dharamsala, The Indian Home Ministry is yet to receive the investigation report.

I hope this case will go smoothly, since Buddhists have a good reputation for integrity world-wide.

K Ragavan, India

Make Abu Dhabi streets shine again

The streets of downtown Abu Dhabi are awash with litter and the pavements are falling into terrible disrepair, making them a hazard to even the most able-bodied pedestrian.

Isn't it about time the city authorities took some action?

What about maintenance teams to repair the crumbling pavements and wardens with special powers to apprehend and fine the individuals who consider it perfectly normal behaviour to spit and litter wherever they chose?

I am certain that with a bit of effort and investment the streets and pavements of Abu Dhabi would begin to shine within a matter of months.

B Cobby, Abu Dhabi

More on fines for photographs

I refer to Two fined for taking photos at Yas circuit (February 1). The fines were absurd. Thousands of people have visited the Yas Marina racing circuit since it was thrown open for the public and many of them must have snapped pictures of the place too.

It is the responsibility of the concerned authorities to put up proper notification if photography is prohibited at a particular place.

Mandira Sharma , Abu Dhabi

I find it interesting that there is no news of western or east Asian tourists being arrested; so far they are Bangladeshi, Indian, Lebanese (who was acquitted), and Iranian.

Are we to expect that the tourist buses that drive by these places don't allow people to take pictures?

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

Badly organised rugby game

The sports article Emirates Palace is the star of the show (January 31) reported that the hotel hosted a rugby game between the Harlequins and Wasps. It was a good game of rugby, but very poorly organised: one entry point for 5,000 people, no game day programmes, no merchandising, no scoreboard.

The event fell flat in my opinion.

JH, Abu Dhabi

Unwanted Torres shirts to Africa

In the sports article Terry says new signings have rejuvenated Chelsea (February 3), captain John Terry cited the signing of Fernando Torres. I like the idea of donating the unwanted Torres shirts for young footballers in Africa. A Liverpool shirt with Torres on the back would be perfect for someone out there with no kit.

David Webb, Abu Dhabi