x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

In a class of his own

The astounding success of a student from Dubai in Indian examinations is an inspiration.

Dubai schoolboy Rohan Sampath hasn't just gone straight to the top of his own class, he's topped the Class XII Indian School Certificate examinations with a mind-boggling 99.5 per cent result. The Dubai Modern High School student outclassed almost 60,000 other students from India and around the world. Rohan, who has lived in Dubai most of his life, is a shining example of how hard work and application to your studies can pay off, and his achievement is evidence that it is possible to attain a truly world-class secondary school education in the UAE.

As The National reported earlier this month, Rohan has already been accepted at three of America's leading universities - Stanford, Yale and the University of California, Berkeley - and is on the waiting list for Harvard, Princeton and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"The higher education sector in Dubai is still growing," he explained. "Perhaps in four or five years staying here will be viable but it doesn't have the dynamism of the US."

The day when high-calibre students remain here for their university studies will certainly come, but for now it is to be hoped that Rohan returns after graduation and continues to contribute to the UAE for many years. Meanwhile, his singular academic achievement will surely serve as an inspiration to other students.