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How to make one month's salary last six weeks

Tips to make a month's salary last six weeks.

How to make one month's salary last six weeks

1. Setting a budget is a priority.

2. Work out all your fixed outgoings for the period and set that amount aside.

3. Work out what else you may need to buy over that time and set that aside also.

4. If you've been paid early there should be money left over from last month, so that can be taken into consideration.

5. Work out how much is left over after all your outgoings, then divide that by the number of weeks before your next pay day. That's your weekly budget.

6. If you think you'll have problems sticking to the budget, draw out that amount in cash and leave all your cards at home. Spending cash can seem more 'real' than using cards.

7. Think twice before every purchase.

8. Arrange free activities with friends. There are numerous galleries, exhibitions and free shows open over the Eid holidays.

9. As your friends are likely to be in a similar position, instead of going out for the evening one person can play host and everyone brings over a plate of food and something to drink. You can have as much fun at a fraction of the price of a night out in an expensive restaurant.

10. Try to make your own lunches rather than buying food each day.

11. Can you do without a take away coffee some days? The money spent on those skinny lattes soon add up.

12. Plan your meals for the week so you don't have to keep buying extras.

Source: Keren Bobker, senior consultant at Holborn Assets.