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High-flying female fighter pilot sets inspiring example

Readers praise the UAE's first female fighter pilot. Other topics: Karachi terrorism, violent maid, skilful cartoonist, high-rise pool, baking residents and clairvoyant camels.

Readers praise the UAE's first female fighter pilot, Major Mariam Al Mansouri.
Readers praise the UAE's first female fighter pilot, Major Mariam Al Mansouri.

It felt great to read of how Major Mariam Al Mansouri pursued her dream of becoming an Air Force pilot despite all the odds (Emirati woman who reached for the skies, June 11).

Her journey and accomplishments in life are an inspiration to women. She has not just made her family proud but also her nation.

She has proved that hard work, dedication and a strong will is what is required by an individual to be able to live his or her dream.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

This is simply fantastic. Mariam Al Mansouri is showing the way to go and deserves congratulations.

Jen Bishop, Abu Dhabi

Major Al Mansouri is a good example of someone who is an inspiration to everyone.

Wael Hamad, Abu Dhabi

Address terrorism through its roots

With regard to your report, Pakistani forces kill militants who attacked Karachi airport (June 9), this extremely worrying incident serves as a reminder about the importance of security.

This kind of militancy has been a threat for more than a decade, but the means of effectively preventing it is still to be established.

The fact is that while the world is spending heavily to combat the increasing frequency of terrorism, millions of people continue to struggle for mere survival and many go to bed hungry.

Ideally, the focus should be on stopping the supply of arms and ammunition to radical groups that function with the goal of destroying the growth of humanity and threatening stability.

But the next generation must work towards creating better prospects for youths by providing quality education and improving awareness to end terrorism of the kind the world is facing today.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

This tragic incident at Jinnah Airport claimed the lives of innocent civilians and should serve as a wake-up call for the Pakistan government. It is sad that the Taliban are seeking revenge for the death of their leader in such an inhuman and unjustifiable manner.

Name withheld by request

What drove this maid to violence?

It is good to highlight cases such as the one depicted in your story, Maid who stabbed and burned children confesses in Dubai court (June 9) so people are aware of the dangers.

Unfortunately, the article does not explain what drove the Ethiopian maid to such cruelty.

The UAE government has just passed a law to protect housemaids’ rights but how is the law enforced? I believe agencies must do spot checks, go to the houses and speak to the maids alone. They ought to have the authority to take these women out of these households immediately if there are allegations of abuse or mistreatment.

In my neighbourhood, there is a maid who does not seem to be allowed to speak to anyone outside the family or leave the house on her own. Her only contact is when she sneaks up a ladder at night to secretly speak to the neighbour’s maid. She is completely isolated and I fear this poor young woman is slowly becoming mentally ill and she will eventually commit violence against herself or against others.

Rita Amer, Dubai

Shadi Ghanim is a skilful observer

Shadi Ghanim’s cartoons are excellent depictions of the news making headlines globally.

He is definitely one of the best in this business.

Mohammed Yasin, Dubai

High-rise pool no match for nature

In reference to Palm Tower on Palm Jumeirah to have Dubai’s highest swimming pool (June 11), this focus on the highest, longest, tallest, biggest, fastest leaves me numb.

Nothing beats nature: the ocean, the sea, the sand and the trees.

Abir Antar, Sharjah

Residents bake in Abu Dhabi building

Your story, Dozens of Abu Dhabi families ‘without air-conditioning for two weeks’ (June 11) is disgraceful.

I feel for those families and hope nothing serious – such as heat stroke – happens to the children.

Name withheld by request

Camels should pick cup hosts

I read with interest your story, Dubai camels stick necks out with World Cup predictions (June 11) about the camels Waslawi and Shaheen making World Cup predictions.

I believe this is how the next country to host the World Cup should be selected – without the involvement of Fifa.

Name withheld by request