x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Future benefits from UAE financial stability

Readers respond to The National's coverage and issues of the day.

There is no doubt that with the recent turmoil in the Middle East, a stable regime like the UAE stands to benefit from inbound capital flight in the region. Islamic finance markets are affected because their basic philosophy and the move towards a unified jurisdiction are still in flux. However sukuk issuance from Abu Dhabi will certainly mean more than from other GCC regimes.

The scenario points to more growth for the UAE economy that should quickly repair its real estate woes from the global downturn.

Athar Mian, Abu Dhabi

Despots are universally disliked

Tony Karon's opinion article A false choice between Iran and the US for Arab states (February 28) is a really well-written piece, and I agree with all the points made.

However, it would have been good to convey that the likes of the former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and company are disliked across the Arab world and not just in their own countries.

Ainsley Smith, Abu Dhabi

The root causes of Libyan unrest

In reference to Libyans hold peaceful protest in Dubai (February 22), why the silence all these years on the sufferings of the Libyan people? Did Col Muammar Qaddafi do anything good for Libya?

What are the real root causes of unrest in Libya? Is it the oil? Is it tribal conflicts? The world needs a historical context on this issue - an unbiased and objective report on this story unfolding in North Africa.

Theresa Robinson, Abu Dhabi

Myanmar is back on tourism map

The travel article Out in the open (February 26) reported that after decades of isolation, Myanmar is back on the international tourist map. Tourist arrivals were up in Myanmar since before Aung San Suu Kyi's release due to the tourism promotional campaigns launched by tour agencies.

Thanks to the visitors to my country there is the creation of jobs for local people. It is a proof that foreign tourists were not affected by the tourism boycott which was called off by Aung San Suu Kyi and her party.

Nay Dun, Myanmar

A steady job beats investments

I refer to the business article The six guiding principles for investors (February 25). Jobs are indeed an asset. Multiply your salary by 10 for a secure job, although to get a similar return from investment would currently require more like 50 times income.

The moral of our times is to stay working. Do not try to live off investment income.

Peter Cooper, Dubai

Sun Salutation is inappropriate

This is in reference to the Fitness First Wellness Festival - Yogathon held in Dubai on February 25. Yoga is good for health and has numerous benefits for the mind and body.

However it was announced that there would be 108 rounds of Surya Namaskaar, or Sun Salutation, during the Dubai yogathon session.The Sun Salutation consists of actions wherein one has to clearly bow down and prostrate oneself before the sun.

This is absolutely forbidden in Islam. One is not allowed to bow down before anyone or anything except Allah.

An argument can be raised where one claims that the intention is exercise, and not prostration, but clearly the meaning of the words "Surya Namaskaar" and prostrating during sunrise proves otherwise.

Every Muslim and the Islamic authorities should take caution. They should advise all yoga sessions throughout the country to refrain from the Sun Salutation.

Mohammad Kashif Aboobacker, Dubai

Stick to taxis with the right signs

In reference to the news article Taxi passengers taken for a ride (February 27), I had this experience as well on a return from overseas. It was my first time using Abu Dhabi airport but I recognised right away the private taxis had no meter and sign on the top. The lack of signage is a sure giveaway for those who have lived here a while, so I flagged down a proper cab and got in. I'm sure that more than a few unsuspecting new arrivals have gotten ripped off by this scam.

This is something I expect in certain South Asian countries, not Abu Dhabi International Airport.There should be equal queues and correct signage inside the airport to lead passengers to either meter taxis or private taxis.

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi