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Fire safety is the responsibility of every resident

A fire safety expert writes to urge UAE authorities to warn residents about the hazards of barbecue fires indoors and on balconies.

North Korean guards patrol the border with China along the Yalu River. One reader suggests that Pyongyang's provocative acts could be reined in if Beijing took a more active role.
North Korean guards patrol the border with China along the Yalu River. One reader suggests that Pyongyang's provocative acts could be reined in if Beijing took a more active role.

I read your very frightening report on house fires, Experts to inspect every UAE home for fire safety (December 20). Thank you for bringing it to the notice of the readers. I am a flight safety expert and have studied the causes of fires and removed the threat at many aviation premises. I would request the fire departments to please ensure and warn those who light open fires in the buildings and balconies for barbecues.

Kanwar Hayat, Dubai


China's role in the Korean tensions

China has not given its rabid dog the medicinal injection it requires for a cure, but simply again given a sharp tug on its leash to heel until it is in a better position to grasp the throat of Western democracies. That's the conclusion I draw from the recent escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula.

It will come as no surprise to those who understand the nature of China. The People's Republic knows a provocative act now would mean the loss of North Korea and the end of an extremely useful terrorist military machine it is using to threaten, obtain diplomatic concessions, and further its territorial and economic objectives.

Anyone who believes Bill Richardson, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, garnered the North Korean decision to ask for UN monitors and for North Korea not to react to South Korea's live-fire naval drill is living in a fantasy world. China is responsible as usual for the North Korean decisions.

Mark Smith, Canberra, Australia


A safer way to cross the road

One of the most convenient ways to travel is by taxi. But as I learned the hard way, taking a taxi to the Emirates Driving School in Mussafah is dangerous, and nearly deadly. After having been dropped off on the side of Mussafah Highway, I found myself darting in front of traffic just to get to the other side. I made it, but it was a terrible nightmare I don't wish upon anyone.

I retell this story because I think it's important for Abu Dhabi to consider new measures for pedestrian safety. Mussafah has grown remarkably in the last few years, and is now densely populated. The best thing that Abu Dhabi could give us this year would be a Pedestrian bridge or underpass at the Mussafah Highway. I am sure this would bring a smile to many faces and transform our worst nightmares to a beautiful dream.

Saikat S, Abu Dhabi


The dangers of improper wiring

We refer to the article, How to rehang a ceiling light fixture, recently published in the House & Home section (December 11).

The Bureau is extremely concerned with the article and the method described for wiring the ceiling light fixture, for a number of reasons. Principally, it poses a high risk of electric shock to the consumer and it contradicts the requirements established by the Electricity Wiring Regulations for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

These regulations apply to any person involved in the design, construction, installation and maintenance or operation of electrical installations in any premises. It also dictates that work on electrical installations may only be carried out by licensed contractors who have been assessed and approved by the distribution company.

Furthermore, the Bureau has been working hard to raise the quality of electrical works carried out in Abu Dhabi ... In light of this I am sure you will appreciate that we see the article as undermining efforts to improve quality and safety in this area.

We therefore strongly urge that The National inform your readers of the dangers and noncompliance created by adopting the approach described.

Mark Preece, Director of Electricity Networks, Regulation & Supervision Bureau, Abu Dhabi


The true spirit of the season

Spain has a tomato festival where people throw away massive amounts of vegetables. We all saw French farmers dump hundreds of tonnes of oranges in the ocean to keep the prices up. Trillions have been spent on wars this decade alone. Emirates Palace, by contrast, is decorating a tree with jewels on loan from a jewellery store, which I would say is a prudent move.

Rather than focus on a tree's borrowed ornaments we should hail the UAE's spirit of openness and how Abu Dhabi is closing the gaps between religions.

Zaldoon Abdel Hadi, Abu Dhabi