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Finding a school is both frustrating and expensive

Readers respond to The National's coverage and current events.

Women attend classes at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. A reader praises the public efforts of women throughout the Arab world to achieve equality. Jeff Topping / The National
Women attend classes at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. A reader praises the public efforts of women throughout the Arab world to achieve equality. Jeff Topping / The National

I refer to the article Scramble for school places (March 21). Finding a school is, without a doubt, one of the most frustrating things about living in this country. In retrospect, I probably would not have come here if I had known it would take up so much of my time (not to mention money for sky-high tuitions) just to get my kids into a decent school.

Now, I've no choice. I recommend anyone thinking of coming here to seriously consider if it is really worth the equivalent of a year in a good US university to send your third grader to school in an American system school.

Bottom line: more schools are needed and fast.

Donald Glass, Abu Dhabi

US response to Libyan protests

I refer to the opinion article by Alan Philps World waits in vain for US to provide leadership and clarity (March 18). The Arab League vote for a no-fly zone was on March 12. The Security Council vote was on March 17. Action began on March 19.

It may be easy, but it is also completely wrong to criticise the US for sending "mixed messages".

The message was clear: the US would not act unilaterally in the absence of Arab League and Security Council approval. Given the perception of the US as invading crusaders held by many in the Arab world, this was absolutely the right approach to take. Where is the editorial asking why it took the Arab League so long to express its views?

John Adams, Abu Dhabi

Arab women stand up for rights

In reference to the news article 150 women rally in Muscat for equal treatment (March 20), the demonstration is a welcome development as far as the rights and awareness of women in the Arab world is concerned.

With regard to intelligence, logical thinking, ability in learning something new and managerial capacity, Arab women stand at least two steps above their counterparts either in the West or the East.

If we made an analysis of the student strength of various universities in the Arab world, it can be seen that women constitute over 70 per cent of the student population who come out with the best results.

Arab women proved that they can be very good entrepreneurs, innovators and administrators if they are given opportunities. Moreover they, especially university students, are highly ambitious, enterprising and result oriented.

One of the major reasons for the challenges facing the Arab world is its failure to make use of the unlimited potentialities of its women. Even well-educated and highly talented women end up at home.

Nobody can suppress the rising resentment or anger of Arab women without giving them their due share and role in society to which they are entitled.

Dr Raju M Mathew, Al Ain

Save birds from disturbances

I refer to a news story from several months ago entitled Abu Dhabi bird-protection plan hailed as 'new era' for the world. The beautiful beach at the junction of Al Saada Street and Salam Steet should be declared a "No fishing" area. This area was a peaceful place for flamingos, cormorants, herons, sandpipers, red shanks, stonechats, wagtails and many other birds.

All these rare birds in this area are disappearing because of the disturbance caused by men and women fishing during the weekends.

It is disappointing to see the birds replaced by fish eaters.

Omana Kallarakal, Abu Dhabi

Questions about theft conviction

In reference to Three-month sentence for cleaner who stole from client (March 17), the family should not have reported the cleaner for this theft.

The evidence of the cleaner's complicity was circumstantial. Apparently he was not seen or recorded in the act. Conversely, this family was at fault for leaving a door key with the cleaner and not safeguarding the money in a locked safe or cupboard.

No insurance company would have reimbursed this family for their loss due to their own culpability.

Bruce Dauphin, Dubai

Little difference in Liverpool coaches

The sports article Liverpool owner remains coy on Kenny Dalglish contract talks (March 21) reported that John W Henry refused to discuss his new coach's contract. In all honesty, the so-called "pass and move" football under Kenny Dalglish is as woeful as the football preached by his predecessor Roy Hodgson.

Phil Parkes, Abu Dhabi