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Few seem worried about doomsday

The Mayan apocalypse prediction is rightly being seen as a joke, readers say. Other letter topics: thorium, turkey, Air Berlin, schools and the Taliban.

These tourists in Mexico don't look very concerned about the Mayan end-of-the-world prediction - and neither are the readers who sent us letters on the issue. Israel Leal / AP
These tourists in Mexico don't look very concerned about the Mayan end-of-the-world prediction - and neither are the readers who sent us letters on the issue. Israel Leal / AP

Mayan apocalypse will at least help Mexican economy

Thank you for December 21: the 'Arab Spring of the spiritual movement' looms (December 19).

The colourful, many-ringed-circus that has popped up around the notion that the world will end on Friday does at least help pump a little cash back into the Mexican economy.

Also, all this provides a great deal of free entertainment. I enjoy reading about those of our fellow primates who have sold off and given away all their hard-earned goods as the date approaches. They have prepared breathlessly, but will stand around looking quizzical when the due date passes without a tremor.

Coby Smolens, Abu Dhabi

There has always been an apocalyptic thread in the weave of human nature; this Mayan nonsense is just the latest example. I don't suppose anyone really believes it, except for a gullible few.

Come Saturday, we can all go back to worrying about climate change causing the end of the world.

George Stewart, Abu Dhabi

Women in India deserve safety

In spite of many earlier incidents and resulting assurances made by the Delhi chief minister, the menace of rape continues (Angry protests after gang rape on bus, December 19).

This is simply unacceptable; there are too many such cases.

It is sad to think that women are not safe even in the daytime. The authorities concerned should take stern action to stop this kind of treatment of women.

K Ragavan, India

IPO too important to be rushed into

I strongly support the prudent decision just announced by Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, about the next step for the family business (Al Habtoor postpones plans for $1.6bn IPO, December 19).

This is a wise choice. One should be extremely convinced and prepared before making an initial public offering.

This is not Facebook, after all.

Naeem Ul Fateh, Dubai

Thorium is not a miracle fuel

I have a comment about Thorium gives hopes for alternative nuclear fuel (December 18).

In fact, thorium is not the wonder some of its proponents say it is.

There are some extremely serious issues with the use of thorium in power reactors, including concerns about the proliferation of weapons material.

Name withheld by request

Help parents to pay for schools

Parents upset by closure of Westminster School in Dubai (December 18) is certainly an accurate statement.

Education is already expensive for a middle-class family that may be paying a quarter of its income.

I and others hope the school and officials in charge will find ways to put the future of children first.

It must be said that we have not noticed an extraordinary quality of education in some schools that are rated outstanding.

We need major change in the system of education and fees.

Hima Bindu, Dubai

Tandoori turkey for the holiday?

Thank you for the useful summary Christmas dinner (December 19), offering options for finding the traditional turkey - and some alternatives, as well.

My husband and I have decided to forget about turkey and cranberry sauce and carols and a tree and everything like that. We will save all that for when we go home to the US; until then we will probably have an Arabic or Indian feast to mark the holiday.

Lilly Rowan, Abu Dhabi

How can we talk to Taliban killers?

Five women in Pakistan anti-polio campaign shot dead by Taliban (December 19) reveals a terrible truth that your newspaper did not really confront in the same day's editorial Talks with Taliban necessary as US plans withdrawal.

How do you negotiate with people so opposed to polio vaccinations that they resort to murder? Surely the only way to treat people like that is to lock them up. That won't happen by negotiation.

Jerry Berners, US

Optimistic about air-miles change

I hope that the changes at Air Berlin's loyalty programme (Etihad stake in Air Berlin miles scheme, December 19) will improve service.

I for one have found the Air Berlin free-flights system to work rather poorly.

But after years of commuting, I find Etihad's Guest programme to be quite user-friendly.

Bruno Hath, Germany