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Fast train could ease UAE commute

Readers suggest a high-speed train service, such as Korea's bullet train, could make travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai more convenient. Other topics: visa bonds and road rage.

Readers say the UAE should have fast intercity trains like this South Korean bullet train. Seong Joon Cho / Bloomberg
Readers say the UAE should have fast intercity trains like this South Korean bullet train. Seong Joon Cho / Bloomberg

Clarification over multiple drop-offs issue is welcome

I refer to your online story, RTA responds to concerns over multiple taxi drop-offs in Dubai (July 31), in which the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority says sharing taxis is acceptable as long as the meter is not stopped and restarted.

I'm glad clarification has been obtained as this was very confusing at first.

C Wareham, Dubai


Visa deposits help address a problem

I am writing about British plan to charge deposits for visas comes under fire (July 31).

Is it so wrong to defend your country's heritage, customs and practices from illegal immigrants by requiring a visa bond that could be used to offset the cost of deporting people who deliberately overstay their visas and/or take jobs without work permits?

It was recently announced that it costs the UK government about £16,000 (Dh89,500) to deport each overstayer or illegal immigrant.

If the visa bond were to reflect the true cost of British court action and enforcement, it may have to be increased to well over £20,000 per person - especially if the costs of recent high-profile cases are added to the bill.

The issue of overstayers is not confined to the UK; it is an equally difficult problem for the Gulf states. Displeasure by some countries over the visa-control actions that have to be adopted does not decrease the magnitude of the problem.

Name and address withheld

Enforcement may help end road rage

I am writing in reference to Road-rage video led to open talk among Emiratis (July 22).

Road rage and petulant intolerance have no place in the UAE.

When driving standards are lacking and rules are not enforced, road rage is the natural by-product.

Just the other day I was overtaking a slow vehicle that was travelling in the fast lane.

The driver veered into my path, causing me to brake sharply. There have been countless other occasions when an impatient driver has tailgated my car or even overtaken it using the hard shoulder.

Both speeding and slow drivers should be penalised.

Joe Burns, Sharjah

Investors should get money back

I welcome the news that a committee will be set up to settle disputes over abandoned property projects (New hope for credit crunch investors, July 31).

While I am concerned that the committee's decisions will not be subject to appeal, I hope its first order of business will be to decide on the immediate return of escrow money to investors.

That would be a real confidence-building measure.

Escrow money is supposedly held by the banks (or the Real Estate Regulatory Authority), and in most countries it is "sacred".

Money held in escrow should be returned to the investor immediately upon cancellation of a project, or the expiry or withdrawal of a contract.

Bassem P Fakhry, Abu Dhabi

Many in US want a free Palestine

I refer to Mideast mediator Indyk: 'Another in a long line of pro-Israeli American Jews' (July 31).

Many American Jews want peace and coexistence with the Palestinians, and to see that achieved through an independent Palestine.

Tim Upham, UK

Fast train could ease commute

I refer to Dubai to Abu Dhabi commute that comes with an aerial view (July 30), about the new plane service between the cities.

What about a bullet train between Dubai and Abu Dhabi? It would be more efficient, environment friendly and there'd be no check-in. And it could take less than 30 minutes door-to-door.

J Batthikh, Dubai

A high-speed train that can reach 300 kph would solve this problem.

Asif Usman, Sharjah