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Famous French connections

News of JK Rowling's French roots set us thinking about unexpected Gallic links in other celebrities.

JK Rowling may be about to explore her French roots on the BBC ancestry show Who Do You Think You Are?, but here are five other celebrities with links to that country:

Take Five... Bradley Cooper

The internet recently went into meltdown after Cooper gave an interview about The Hangover II in fluent French. Apparently he used to study in Aix-en-Provence.

Take Four... Johnny Depp

Not content with being un petit French (the Depp family apparently moved to the US with the Huguenots in the 1700s), ol' swashbuckling scissorhands has found himself a very French girlfriend in Vanessa Paradis, a villa and estate near Saint-Tropez, and even a little moustache.

Take Three... Robert De Niro

Travis Bickle received a round of applause at this year's Cannes Film Festival after delivering a speech in French at the opening ceremony. What the clappers might not have known is that the young Vito Corleone is a quarter French on his mother's side.

Take Two… Lisa Kudrow

The "wacky" one from Friends was the first of the bunch to get married in real life and she wed a Frenchman. Her TV character Phoebe already spoke French fluently using the alter ego Régine Filange.

Take One... Eddie Izzard

The flamboyant British funnyman might have been brought up in Wales, but he speaks French so well that he has given entire shows in the language.

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