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F1 volunteers deserve praise

A reader says volunteers and officials have done a commendable job during the Formula One event at Yas Marina. Other letter topics: Mars mission, babies, bilateral relations.

A reader applauds volunteers and officials who helped to make Formula One a success by ensuring a smooth flow of traffic, as well as enforcing safety regulations at the venue at Yas Marina. Christopher Pike / The National
A reader applauds volunteers and officials who helped to make Formula One a success by ensuring a smooth flow of traffic, as well as enforcing safety regulations at the venue at Yas Marina. Christopher Pike / The National

I would like to congratulate the efforts of the volunteers and officials who worked hard to make this year’s Formula One Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix a success.

As a regular visitor to the event, I found that this year’s race attracted more tourists compared to the previous years.

The organisers ensured smooth transportation of guests from various parking areas to the stands.

One point, however, worth keeping in mind while organising the event next time, is to have separate buses for the concert venue from each gate, and also buses from each gate to major parking points so that there is a smooth flow of guests from the exit points to the parking areas and further.

One noticeable aspect in the event was the safety-consciousness of local volunteers, who ensured the strict implementation of safety regulations while handling guests at the venue.

These youngsters can teach the importance of safety to others, thereby acting as ambassadors of change.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Mars mission shows the real power of India

Three cheers for India for the successful launch of the Mars mission (India Mars mission lifts off, November 6).

The Mangalyaan project is a great achievement for the country and it is a matter of pride for all Indians. The Mars mission symbolises India’s real power. It has proved that India is not a country where only bad things happen. How many countries have the courage to take such a big and bold step when the economy is weak?

The cost of the mission may be too high for a developing country, but investing in science is necessary to guarantee a better future for the country, irrespective of what others might think.

This mission should not be seen as merely a space race, because it signifies a major step towards progress. I am sure future generations will benefit from this mission.

Sukumar S, Sharjah

The Mars mission has drawn different reactions from different people. As a common citizen of India, I think there are a host of other issues that need the urgent attention of the government, including poverty, education, healthcare and, above all, unemployment.

Many of these issues could be successfully tackled with 4.5 billion rupees (Dh266 million), the amount that was invested on this mission.

At the moment, the country’s economy is struggling under inflation and various scams. Projects like this help to boost India’s image, but the country has its limitations.

K Ragavan, India

India should feed its hungry mouths before investing money in space missions.

Mia Ma Mo, Dubai

Bravo India! It’s time for the entire world to take note of its achievements and appreciate them. The country can do great things if it has the will.

Those who underestimate India’s ability should think again.

Rajnish Charles, Sharjah

Canada sends the right message

I refer to the article Dubai is best placed to host world fair (November 6). It is not a big surprise to hear this from Canada, which has been trying hard to restore its relations with the UAE since 2010 when it refused to allow extra landing rights to Emirates Airline and faced unpleasant situations.

By showing support for the Dubai Expo 2020, the Canadian government is making nearly 100 major Canadian companies and about 40,000 Canadian expatriates in the UAE feel happier.

By expressing its support for Dubai hosting the global event, Canada has restored the chance for it to take advantage of economic opportunities and long-term prosperity abroad.

Ali Sedat Budak, Abu Dhabi

Four times the joy for these parents

Congratulation to the couple on the birth of their daughters. (Quadruple joy: Abu Dhabi couple become proud parents of four girls, November 3).

May the Almighty Alah bless the family with health, happi- ness and prosperity.

Fatima Suhail, Abu Dhabi