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Eyes on the peace prize

The European Union should do more to help the Syrian people to justify winning the Nobel Peace prize, a reader says. Other topics: Caesareans, women in the workforce and the benefits of exercise.

European Parliament president Martin Schulz poses after the European Union received the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. A reader says the EU must do more to help achieve peace, especially in Syria. Vegard Grott / Reuters
European Parliament president Martin Schulz poses after the European Union received the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. A reader says the EU must do more to help achieve peace, especially in Syria. Vegard Grott / Reuters

Women should be encouraged into workforce

I absolutely agree with your editorial Gender quotas must be followed by meritocracy (December 11).

It is essential that women be encouraged to enter the workforce safe in the knowledge that there is no "glass ceiling" preventing them from achieving whatever their goals may be.

Ultimately, for private enterprise to thrive and the public sector to function at its highest possible efficiency, the promotion of any person must be on the basis of individual merit.

I have no doubt that there will be many women in the boardrooms of the future, all confident that they got there through their own abilities and effort.

Terri Holt, Dubai

I am writing in reference to 20,000 Emirati jobs created next year (December 11).

It's great that people are getting jobs but they should also be doing work they are actually interested in, and candidates should be given career testing to establish this.

Whether it be in fashion, architecture, business or whatever, there are some bright minds out there; they just need to do things they feel passionate about.

C Murray, Dubai

EU must do more to achieve peace

Shadi Ghanim's cartoon (December 11) has identified one issue that's preoccupying the European Union - its enormous struggle with the debt levels of some of its member states.

However, in relation to the EU receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, the real question is: what did it do to deserve it?

In EU leaders in Oslo for Peace Prize ceremony (also December 11), European Commission president Jose Manuel Barrosso rightly says that Syria is "a stain" on the world's conscience.

So, what exactly have Mr Barrosso and the EU done to put an end to the Syrian crisis, and what do they intend to do?

The time has come for some leadership from bodies such as the EU and the United Nations to stop the killing and support the Syrian people in their efforts to set their nation free of tyranny and begin afresh.

Anthony Carmichael, Abu Dhabi

Caesareans not for convenience

I was deeply concerned to read Mothers make date for special deliveries (December 11), about women booking Caesarean sections so their baby would be born today.

A healthy baby should be born when it is ready.

A delivery should never be induced, nor a Caesarean conducted, unless there are sound medical reasons to do so.

Mary Morris, Dubai

Littering sets a bad example

How heartwarming it was to see hundreds of families enjoying picnics and gatherings in the sand dunes either side of E311 just south of Ras Al Khaimah last Friday evening.

I was driving through the area and wished that I could have been doing the same thing, because it was a very pleasant evening.

How disappointing it was, however, to drive through the same area the next morning, and to see the truly staggering amount of rubbish left behind by those same families.

The once pristine landscape had been transformed overnight into what can only be described as a scene closely resembling the municipal rubbish tip.

Foam cups and plastic bottles littered the road and windblown plastic bags had become entangled with foliage and fences.

Each picnic spot was indicated by piles of rubbish of various sizes that people had walked away from. These were slowly being dispersed by the wind.

How hard can it be to take your waste home with you and dispose of it correctly? Imagine the harm that is being done to the environment by this activity.

And what kind of an example is being shown to all the children who were with their parents that night?

David King, Abu Dhabi

Bank loans help cover IVF costs

I am writing about IVF loans: the cost of borrowing for babies (December 9).

I know that financing IVF treatment is a concern for many couples, and I think it is reassuring to see that some banks are offering loans for this purpose.

S Jones, Dubai

Morning exercise tip really works

Best time of day for losing weight (December 10) quotes research suggesting that people who exercise in the morning tend to do better with regard to forming a regular exercise habit.

I completely agree. I have developed a habit of exercising early in the morning, and have lost 10 kilograms in the past six months.

S Nicolas, US