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Ensure road safety

A reader says the authorities need to do more to ensure safety on UAE roads. Other topics: elderly, burger, Syria, obesity, Expo 2020

A reader says more needs to be done to keep the roads of the UAE safe. Sammy Dallal / The National
A reader says more needs to be done to keep the roads of the UAE safe. Sammy Dallal / The National

Helping elderly population an issue of concern

I refer to the news article Growing problems of an ageing population (June 15).

I have spent many years in Asia. I know how closely knit societies are on this continent. Unlike in the West, where elderly people usually find refuge in care homes, that is rarely an option in Asian countries.

But with life becoming more complex, care homes for the elderly are slowly emerging in some of the countries in Asia. Yet, it's extremely painful for most of those who have to find care homes for their parents.

Traditionally, people consider looking after their elderly parents to be their duty. This news brings that problem to light. This story stresses the point that in the past people took great pride in taking care of their elderly parents and grandparents, but in the complex modern world not all families are able to dedicate the time to continue that practice.

Societies across the world are changing as life is becoming more and more complex. Imagine what will happen to the coming generations when they grow old. Elderly population will increasingly become a problem for societies and will probably be seen as a burden. It's a painful scenario.

Iris Smith, UK

Simpson fit for hot burger challenge

I am commenting on the article Eat with caution: Dubai serves up burger so hot you need to sign legal waiver first (June 14).

Unfortunately, Adam Richman has retired from the Man Versus Food programme, but you could ask Homer Simpson to try it out.

Peter Nixon, Abu Dhabi

Reckless drivers are a nuisance

Reckless drivers are becoming a nuisance (Reckless Dubai driver racks up Dh240,000 in traffic fines during two-week period, June 15).

But how was this person allowed to drive for two weeks? This shows that there is no effective mechanism to check reckless drivers. I wonder why this driver wasn't stopped immediately.

This is not the first time that such an incident has happened. This is becoming too common. The very fact that people are not afraid to flout traffic rules indicates that more needs to be done to tackle this problem.

In this connection I would also like to mention that at night a number of motorists, especially those who drive 4x4 vehicles, deliberately focus the lights not on the road but on the person driving in front of them. I fail to understand the reason. Do they want to convey the message that other drivers should give them priority because they are driving big and expensive cars? Why are these people not stopped and fined? I am amazed as well as disgusted with the psychology of some drivers.

Cyrus M, Abu Dhabi

Assad must stop killing his people

The news that 93,000 people have been killed in Syria is terrible (UN Syria death toll climbs to 93,000, June 14). It's sad that despite so many deaths, the attitude of Bashar Al Assad has not changed.

Human rights organisations must take some serious measures to prevent as many civilian casualties as possible in Syria. Can't Mr Al Assad see any other solution to his predicament?

K Ragavan, India

Obesity on rise? Blame the gyms

Obesity is on the rise, but so are gym membership and diet-plan costs (Medics warn of risks of fatty liver disease, June 16).

How do you expect people who are actually motivated to start exercising if a gym membership costs an arm and a leg? In the US and Canada, memberships cost as little as $40 (Dh147) per year.

To lose weight, you need to do both cardio and weight training. If you don't have the necessary equipment at home, you do need a gym.

Sara Abu-Shaheen, Abu Dhabi

Expo a feather in the UAE's cap

I refer to the news article Princess Haya delivers stirring Expo 2020 speech in Paris(June 12). It's hard to match Dubai's achievements in such a short time.

Expo 2020 will showcase another historic, well-deserved achievement of Dubai and the UAE.

I am impressed, and not surprised, to read about Princess Haya's presentation and the great work done by the Higher Committee on Hosting the World Expo 2020.

Bassem P Fakhry, Dubai