x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Emirati youth ambassador on why Dubai is ready for Expo 2020

The key question to consider is how will this Expo benefit the people of UAE?

Despite its last-minute entry to the pool of other nations bidding to host the expo in 2020, Dubai's chances of winning are as high as the price of oil. With the world-class infrastructure and multicultural development, it is clear Dubai has what it takes to host a mega event.

All eyes have been on the emirate for quite some time. People across the globe know us for our developing infrastructure and being a cultural hub for the region. However what distinguishes Dubai from all the rest is its ability to keep the momentum going.

The key question to consider is how will this Expo benefit the people of UAE?

Since the inception of the Global Village, people across the country and other parts of the Gulf have flocked to the emirate to learn more about different countries and what they offer. This mega event allows people to learn more about other countries and gives them the opportunity to enjoy a variety of entertainment without purchasing a plane ticket.

The same advantage could happen if Dubai is awarded the expo bid in 2020, but on an international scale. It would definitely benefit the people of the UAE with job prospects but also a new level of innovation and connectivity, which will improve our standards as a growing hub for change and creativity.

During the launch of the 'Be Part of It' competition by the Dubai Expo office last summer, eight ambassadors were chosen. What the people of this great nation have to know is that we are all ambassadors to this promising endeavor.

Over 200 nationalities make what this city is today. Instead of seeking money and power, we are living in a society that pursues the promotion of development for not just the country, but also the people.

We are living in a shell filled with extraordinary people that have the opportunity to do extraordinary things, and that is why Dubai is ready to host the expo in 2020.

Emirati university student Sara Al Boom, 20, was chosen as an ambassador for Dubai's Expo bid after she spent four weeks filming in the scorching heat of Ramadan to capture the myriad languages spoken by the country's nearly 200 nationalities.