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Early to bed, early to rise

A reader says life is so busy that it's difficult to get a proper night's sleep. Other topics: work, a good deed and the road to riches.

A reader says life can be so busy that it's difficult to get a proper night's sleep. Susana Vera / Reuters
A reader says life can be so busy that it's difficult to get a proper night's sleep. Susana Vera / Reuters

Money isn't the only motivating factor for work

I am writing in response to Asmaa Al Hameli's blog post The worth of every man is in his attainment (April 18).

Although money has become an important factor these days, we should remember that it doesn't always bring happiness.

Would you rather work for a lower salary in a place where you are valued, where there is a good environment, where you love your job and follow your passion, or be paid loads of money but be miserable?

Do you want to ask yourself why you get up each morning to go to do a job you don't enjoy?

If you become invested in getting a career that makes a lot of money, do not forget about your own happiness along the way.

This advice applies to everyone, regardless of your gender or nationality.

Alya Al N, Abu Dhabi

Pace of justice is too slow in India

I refer to Soumik Mukherjee's opinion article, Indian culture, not chow mein, is to blame for sex crimes (April 18).

India needs fresh blood in its political system, and these people must eradicate red tape in government departments.

The legal system in India is so slow that it takes forever to complete a trial. Name withheld byrequest


South Africa must protect tourists

Elephant overturns vehicle, injuring tourists (April 16) was sad.

This incident seems to have happened despite safety precautions being in place.

South Africa's tourist authorities should safeguard visitors to ensure the country remains a world-class tourist destination.

K Ragavan, India

Helpful motorist deserves thanks

Yesterday, an Emirati driver stopped to help me when I was lost in Ajman trying to get around some construction work.

My son and I were grateful when he told us to follow him and we were able to get on the correct road.

I have found the Emiratis I've met on my trip to the UAE very gracious. It's a real pleasure to be visiting here.

Nathalie Kleinschmit, Canada

Children have the best of two worlds

Ayesha Al Khoori's blog post, Our mixed up thinking over marrying foreigners (April 11), was very interesting.

The situation is totally opposite in my home country, where children born with a foreign mother or father are totally embraced first by the family and then by society.

Here it's a different story, and some children are very lucky since they can learn the cultures of both their parents.

Ali Nilal, Abu Dhabi

Early to bed, early to rise

I really enjoyed reading Sleep matters, rest assured (April 15), but I disagree with the interviewee who suggested that readers block the noise of the call of prayer in the morning in order to have a good night's sleep.

People should go to sleep early at night and wake up for the call to prayer.

Rim Hassan, Dubai

The problem in Dubai is that we all have so much to do and not enough time to do it.

The time I spend on commuting is ridiculous. I get home after two hours on the road, and I do not want to sleep regardless of how tired I am.

I feel like I need to "detox" and have some fun, watch a late-night movie or listen to some music, which regularly means I am still up at 2am.

Name withheld by request

Good intentions no road to riches

I am writing about Nima Abu Wardeh's financial advice, Using willpower to best the marshmallow test (April 20).

Good intentions can build your savings only so far.

A 1998 study by Eva Klohnen and Gerald Mendelsohn found that many individuals dislike their personal spending behaviour and are attracted to partners with opposite spending behaviours.

For instance, a person who tends to overspend might be most attracted to a person who saves.

This proves to be problematic when couples must decide how to allocate household resources. Colin Lewis, Dubai